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Just because it’s been one of those kinds of days.

First let me start with homeschooling.  I have finally gotten back into the whole swing of things…and oh the memories that come rushing in as I start teaching the Carthesian Coordinate system, all four quadrants, how to find the midpoint when you know all factors for x and y.  My 6th grader has handled this all quite well so far.  It will be interesting to see how he handles when we try to find the midpoint with only one full set of points.  I can remember using both equations and hating that my teacher seemed to prefer the more difficult to understand version.  I love that he can choose which of the two versions works for him–which happens to be the same that I find easiest to use.  I have also found another really cool free math worksheet website, but I apparently didn’t bookmark it.  Story of my life lately. =)

I’m going to link a really cool article here on how homeschooled children compare to public schooled children.  It’s quite an interesting read, and good to keep handy if you get a hard time from the public school. It also reinforces why people are making a switch back to the homeschool program: public school is failing our children, overall.  I was thinking the other day: Maybe you’ve seen the newer style of math introduced in grade 5 here?  You have a very straightforward problem, but in order to get the answer you have to solve in a very roundabout fashion.  It is frustrating to try to help your child in math when this is being taught.  My first inclination is why are they confusing the students so much?  Does this not set children up to fail?  Then a former high school math teacher made an interesting comment: what the kids are being taught isn’t really new, but actually old-school.  It may not have been old-school when I grew up, but apparently it is.  What it does is teach children to think outside the box–you won’t always have a direct answer, so you need to find a way to find the answer using other methodologies.  I never really thought about it that way, so it was interesting to hear that type of comment from a math teacher.  Do I like it?  Not really.  Do I agree with how math is being taught? Not really.  Do I understand the point on problem-solving in other manners, indirectly?  Sure, I can appreciate that, but I still don’t like it. =)

Now, my grade six son has been invited to attend public school the the last two months of the year to get him back into the routine of school, and get him back into the groove of having to deal with other kids in the class.  I have tried to talk him into going–but he does not want to.  He does like being homeschooled, but he also has bad memories of that school he attended last year: it was where he had a lot of meltdowns, and they became more severe by the end of the schoolyear.   That is my theory on why he doesn’t want to go back.  Now, I also can see the point of the principal–she wants him to get acquainted with his new middle school principal before school starts in the fall.  I think that is a good idea.  I think that will be beneficial for the two of them to get somewhat acquainted, and for the principal of the new middle school to understand what makes my son tick.  So we shall see how that all goes down.  I do need to speak with the future principal, and I would also need to speak with his future teachers so they can see what he has been working on this schoolyear, and where he’s ahead, where he’s a tad behind (which can be made up during the summer if need be).  I also need to start pushing for him to get that psychoeducational analysis done…by the school district, which will be most beneficial as he goes into an environment where there are 700+ other kids he will have to deal with at one point in time or another.

For the fun stuff: gardening.  I love to garden.  I am already dreaming up plans to expand the garden areas, what I want to plant (picked up 3 packs of heirloom tomato seeds a few weeks ago I am eager to plant), where to plant them.  I am a dreamer, I admit.  I have big plans with great visions of vines hanging over arbours full of blossoms and hopefully fruit, intertwined with vegetables.  I also want to build an outdoor kitchen complete with outdoor fireplace and sink, all beneath a covered patio.  I want to turn our fully covered back deck into a sunroom that has zero access to television–a place to read a good book and enjoy a nice glass of vino (well, a few sips anyways).  I want to add a small back deck space off our 2nd story master suite–much like we used to have when we lived in Ontario.  Man I miss that quiet space overlooking our country gardens (well, the start of them anyways).  I want to do a minor renovation to our master ensuite–get rid of that corner tub and replace it with a nice claw tub stand-alone that I can walk around–making it so much easier to clean.  ((Note to anyone looking at getting a nice big corner soaker tub: DON’T.  It’s SUCH a huge pain in the arse to clean. I’m convinced it was designed by a man.  I mean seriously, how many loving husbands/boyfriends actually clean them babies out?  Not mine–I clean bathrooms in this house.))

Since I have nothing else to do–you know, because volunteering time participating on the local hockey association executive, homeschooling, carting my younger two off to their Montessori preschool and back five mornings a week, taking on my volunteer position within the  hockey association (scheduling referees for 25 teams and their home games–a pt job in and of itself, but I do enjoy it), squeezing in time to do my paid job (writing home design blogs)… I have decided to create an avenue of obsession: interior design.  I admit, not only am I a dreamer, I am a “jack of all trades, master of none” kind of person. LOL   I have an interest in so many different things, it really is hard to choose just one.  Maybe some of you can relate.  So, what I do is take skus from a couple different choice companies, create rooms, and add some color combination ideas to go with it.  We’ll see how it all works out, but it’s just a secondary avenue of creativity for me.   I hope you enjoy that site, as well, and spread the word. =)   I have only just started it, so if you do get a chance to join my next obsession, check back often as I am updating it almost daily as my mind flips into overdrive adding content.

Side note: I have come the the realization that my younger two are possessed by outside forces of destruction.  They, on their own, are actually pretty good.  However, when they get together and decide to fill each other’s boredom… well, lets just say they seek and destroy.  And usually, it’s my stuff they seek out to destroy.  I thought boys are supposed to be easy??  Maybe some day they will be, but I have yet to be convinced 1) that they will and 2) that I will actually miss these days.  Maybe I will miss spending three hours cleaning the toy room just so they can absolutely demolish it ten minutes or less.  Maybe I will miss cleaning up puddles of pee because they just don’t feel like peeing in the toilet.  Maybe I will miss the constant yelling and screaming, both in fun and fighting over every little thing every five minutes.  Maybe I will one day…but today is not the day.  I don’t think it will be tomorrow, either…or the next day, but maybe one day I will.  ((I am convinced if I keep telling myself this, it will someday be true.))  Four boys + one house = never a dull moment


Tom & Jerry… live episode

I am living in, as my cousin calls it, a Tom & Jerry episode.  If you don’t know who these two are, you definitely did not grow up in the 80s.  Anyhow, so this is how the live episode rolls…. 

I’m trying to catch up on laundry–which is a fools’ game, I know.  I pull a wet comforter out of the wash, hear something hit the bottom of the washer as I transfer said comforter to the dryer.  I wash toys quite regularly, so I assume it’s a toy.  Oh… no… that would be just too overly simplified for my life in a house full of men.  What drops out is a mouse.  Not of the deceased variety, but of the newly squeaky clean live variety.  Oh yes, I did see my life flash before my eyes… momentarily.  Cute as they may be, I like to see them from a very far distance…you know, like in the talons of an owl swooping overhead.  So after I jump out of the laundry room saying a few expletives, my husband tries to get ME to take the bloody thing out of the washer and toss it outside to freedom.  Hey, the little fella deserves a 2nd chance after surviving a run through the wash… but I’m not about to be the one to give it to him.  

So while I am putting the younger two to bed, the dear husband decides to use a set of tongs to pick up the mouse, who is still running the new exercise wheel, and set him free. Free to roam the neighborhood, until the next cat catches him and brings him home.  Not sure of his fate, the mouse decides to make his own fate, and squirms his wee little way out of the tongs… and back INTO the house.  Apparently, he likes the new digs.  The cat, with impeccable timing, happens to be at the door and thus gets tossed into the coat closet with the mouse.  

Now, I’m thinking the cat will actually kill the mouse this time, instead of just toy with it. Two nights later, just as i’m getting comfortable that the mouse has been eaten, I hear the boys screech that the mouse is in the corner of the family room. … Which was quite the coincidence, since the boys were watching a kids prank show that had to do with .. … rats in the kitchen.  Karma is such a .. .. well, yeah.   

Now, seriously, this cat is about to do some serious outside time for not being willing enough to catch the mouse… and kill it.  So it’s been a few days. … We now have a German exchange student staying with us for a while…  and what did she see this morning on the way to the bathroom??

Yep. .. that friggin’ mouse. … I am going to have some serious nightmares.  I keep expecting this mouse to jump out of the shoe bin… out from under a pile of junk in the coat closet… from under the couch.. …  you know, anywhere that needs a good, deep clean (like my entire house).  I think this is my cat showing serious disrespect to the person who feeds him, who lets him in when his cat window is closed… and maybe, just maybe, Brutus is a little upset that his new bedtime buddy was away an entire weekend without the prior written cat consent. 


Just because I could use a little relaxation about now…..

So, in the meantime… while the cat plays with his new toy in the middle of the night… one of these mornings I expect to either hear the little squeak of a mouse under my foot in the middle of the night bathroom run…   or wake up to the cat telling me how proud I should be that he finally…FINALLY killed his favorite toy. ..  

I love my boys, really I do, but there are days when you have to just shake your head and walk away before they see you burst a gut.  My #3 son is quite the little character.  A little ladies man at the ripe old age of 4.  His best friend is a girl in the house across from us, he has a sorta big-sister in our tenant’s child, and he just made himself a new friend–another girl that is his age. …  but sometimes I gotta give it to him–he has a creative mind. 

One day out of the blue I hear “my pee pee smells like fish”. .. .Now what in the world are you supposed to say to that??  Do you egg him on and start asking why it would smell like fish, or do you just sit and wonder what on earth possessed him to smell it in the first place??  Anyhow, so what else would a good mom do? “You probably just need a bath.”  My insides are telling me to walk away, and walk away … now. … Thankfully he just leaves it at that. 

Now, my #4 child is nearing the terrible 3 phase.  I think he’s decided to hit that phase at light-speed Hans Solo style.  He finds it hilariously entertaining to compete with big brother to see who can be the baddest (and that’s probably not proper English, but today it is).  One hot day a week or two ago, he comes outside to find me.  (Where am I? Oh, my little hiding spot, tucked away in the back garden basking in what little bit of nature we have in suburbia.)  I walk over to help him unlock the patio gate, and he has decided to make himself into an art project. Yes, it was rather cute to see a little boy covered in purple marker–thank goodness I only buy the washable ones.  Alas, like peanut butter boy (my #2) before him, we had to get a few pictures before I washed him up. .. Unfortunately, they are terribly blurry, but still, we have the evidence to hold against him for future use. 

If I could… this would be my nightly refuge

Now, my older two are in their own little kingdoms of fun.  My pre-teen thinks he has to do absolutely nothing….and doesn’t have to listen to anything I say, especially when he is focused on the TV or video game (Minecraft is a curse, I’m certain of it).  My #2 son is Mr Socialite who is hardly home during the day because he is off playing with friends of his–which I have no problem with.  What I do expect at any given time is the grocery bill for feeding him.  He is a hockey boy.  He is always hungry.  I know what he’s like.  BUT until I do, off he goes into the wild blue yonder called the ‘hood.  I may see him at lunch, I may not.  He may come home for dinner… at 9pm… or he may be home when I actually serve dinner. Either way, it’s summer, there is no schedule, so they are allowed to have a little bit of fun–but just a little. 



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