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OOOh, I know, I know, “you don’t understand the complexity of how cancer genetics works”….  I have heard that argument from a scientific friend of mine.  She’s not so far off-I don’t know how the genetics portion works.  Yes, it is somewhat complicated.  BUT, to this I say “open your mind”… 

Let me tell you WHY I say cancer is the world’s largest fraud:  You have a business, (because it is, essentially,a business) earning multi-Billions annually through various money-making schemes disguised as “research awareness” campaigns (think pink ribbon, yellow ribbon, daffodils, walks, etc), yet, why is there no cure??   Let me repeat this:  WHY  HAVE  THEY  NOT  FOUND  A  CURE?  I mean, really, you’d think with all that money coming in from not only awareness campaigns, but also research grants from the government, that they’d have already found the cure to cancer.  A Ponzi scheme at best.   So why haven’t they?  Let me let you in on a dirty little secret: because they don’t want to.  GASP! (I know) Seriously?  Why don’t they want to? Because it will put thousands of people out of a job.  It will bankrupt the pharmaceutical industry, whose main cash cow is that which we call cancer.  Instead of taking the chance at being the hero, they’ve decided it’s much more profitable to NOT cure cancer.  In fact, I bet they don’t even educate their patients on anything but drugs and mutilation (in the form of mastectomy).   Why?  Because that’s how they are trained–to treat symptoms, not the cause.

Did you know that most cancers take 20 YEARS to grow large enough to become visible by today’s “wonderful” technology?  Did you know that alternative methods have treated, and essentially CURED cancers at various stages??   Let me tell you how:

Gerson Therapy– these clinics operate in Mexico, California, and Hawaii.  They are life-changing clinics.  They teach you about nutrition, and the power of fresh, raw, organic juices.  Through their program, they’ve cured “incurable” diabetes, they’ve cured cancers.

Burzynski-Many think this guy is a “quack”.  Why? Because his antineoplaston concoction has cured inoperable brain tumors, has cured cancers at the latest stage when there is no other hope but to die by chemo. His clinic runs out of TX only, as this is the only state he’s allowed to do his work. YET, he’s been the target of FBI raids, his client files stolen, his work has been attempted to be stolen, even by his own researcher.  When FDA wastes $60M+ of taxpayer money to steal his secret concoction, you know it must be good.  And the only reason that FDA couldn’t get his antineoplaston to work, is because they set up the study to fail miserably. using lower doses than normal in their poorly screened test patients.

Vitamin B17 – what is this? It’s found in the seed inside the pit of I believe apricots.  It has been found to target cancer cells, and kill them.  (note the dietary requirements at the bottom of this site’s page)

Heat therapy – this is the targeting of infrared heat, if I remember correctly, directly at cancer cells.  All healthy cells remain in tact, thus the person under this therapy remains healthy while undergoing treatment.

So here you have FOUR, count them, FOUR different ways to cure cancer at various stages.  YET!  Because they can’t necessarily be duplicated/copied by big pharma industry, they are not as well-studied by big pharma (at least, this is implied). … so big pharma, who also pays out for research in cancer, will not approve of these different methods that help people from all around the world. 

We have personally seen chemo kill (because it’s the chemo and radiation that kills, not necessarily the cancer itself) 1 young mom, and working on a 2nd all in the past 4 weeks.  When I ask about alternative treatments, it’s the ol’ “this is what the doctor recommended” stand-by. … why not think outside the box here and live a long life?  Why let drugs kill you slowly and make your life miserable?  These are things I do not understand.

The best way to cure cancer, is to live a lifestyle that prohibits it in the first place.  Raw, organic, juices every morning, freshly made with a good quality juicer.  Take your high-quality vitamins (yes they cost more,but that’s because the ingredients are purer), get a little bit of sun (it won’t kill you, contrary to popular belief), and if you don’t like the sun, take your extra vitamin D….  take your spirulina and chlorella pills to clean out the toxins while you sleep at night. … take your green tea extract and grape seed extract pill at night to clean out the toxins …. enjoy a nice sauna…   get rid of artificial colours, flavors, MSG, fake sugars, etc from your diet…   this is how you will beat cancer, and live a vibrant, energy-filled life.


Now, I’ll be honest, I haven’t fully studied everything these folks believe.  I have started to look in to them, to see what they are all about.  There’s actually a great website with tons of info and goes into great details about what they believe and why. …

We all know, well most of us, that they believe that their main prophet-the founder of their church-was led to these golden tablets buried in the hills of… I foreget what state-I think NY.  These stones had ancient writing that is supposedly written to tell the world of how civilizations were spread.   Now, this account does align with the scattering of the peoples and languages we read about in the Bible during the building of the Tower of Babel.  According to this golden tablet, the people did not just spread across Africa, but across the world.  They set sail and landed all around the Americas. 

This does explain how the Incas and Mayans had knowledge of pyramids and how to build them.  Of course, scientists won’t look at this, because science and religion don’t mix (and rightly so).  The story goes on to explain that some of these people who settled the Americas (“natives”) began to worship the land and animals, losing sight of what God had tried to teach them by scattering them amongst the lands.  They all created their own languages/alphabets in order to communicate with each other…

So the accounts in these tablets, as described by an angel, do coincide quite well with goings-on in the Bible.  There is a point where it veers off on it’s own, however, and begins to go into the daily routines of the new inhabitants, and the inner squabbles and such of family life.  Not much unlike we experience today in our family squabbles. …

So far, my understanding of their religion relies heavily upon these golden tablets, and the Bible as additional reading. …  They do, from one gal I communicated with, study the Bible profusely, not  just the book of Mormon.  (Mormon, by the way, was, if I remember correctly, the name of the angel who brought their prophet to the golden tablets). …

Now, they do believe in a triune God, but as separate entities from God. … Meaning the son is separate from the father, the holy spirit is separate from the father and son–but they all have a common understanding and are on the same page with respect to where the world should be (loving, not filled with hatred) ..  This is what a lot of Christian churches teach, btw. … I’m not 100% on the triune as they believe it, as the Bible clearly states taht Jesus has full deity… and in order to have full deity, he must be God…  denying the deity of Jesus is what got the Jews in trouble in the first place, from how I understand the Bible.

Anyhow… this is only PART 1. .. As I said, I haven’t fully researched this religion, this is just my understanding on it so far…

I have nothing against these different religions.   Seriously.  I just think that some of these should be exposed for the farce that they are.  This one will ruffle more than a few feathers, I’m sure. *LOL*

The Catholics.  They are some seriously devoted people–especially the Othodox.  However there are a few things they do which aren’t really Biblical.   The Catholic religion as a whole has some serious misguided notions and rules. 

1) Priests are not allowed to marry.  Now where on earth does it say in the Bible that a preacher can NOT be married?  In fact, the Bible tells us that if a church leader should be married, that’s his choice.  Even under 1 Timothy 4, the qualifications of Bishop and Deacon state that these church leaders must be upstanding brethren both in the community as well as in the household.  They are allowed to be married to only ONE wife.   THEY ARE ALLOWED TO BE MARRIED.  So, where Catholic leaders get the whole  “a priest is never to marry” rule is beyond me.  It’s not Biblical.  And you wonder why there are so many problems in that religion with priests molesting  young children.  — Because their own church body does not allow them to satisfy their natural longings for a woman’s companionship.  So, they abuse their power as a priest and prey upon the poor innocent children evidently thinking this is a loophole in the Catholic rule.

2) the pope — This is a self-appointed title obviously started with the very first pope.  Nowhere in the Bible is “pope” or “supreme leader on earth” mentioned.  The only church leadership “titles” that are mentioned are bishops and deacons (elders).   These are the designations, in my opinion, that depict the respect they have for their wisdom.  Did Paul call himself the pope??  No, he most certainly did not, although he was the main leader within the church.  Paul was a very humbled man with a rough beginning.  I don’t think Paul is even mentioned in connection with any title, other than as a teacher of God’s wisdom, which he admitted is a bigger burden than being a leader of a congregation, in the respect that what he teaches must be correct.  If he decided to NOT teach what God wanted him to teach, then he would have condemned not only himself, but his entire congregation of followers.   That is quite the high-pressure role, no?

3) the extra books outside the Bible… The Catholics have some sort of “for our eyes only” appendices to the Bible.  I forget what books these are, or what they are called, but they believe that there is more to the Bible than what we see in the Bible.  This isn’t too far from what the Mormons think, as well.  (We’ll save Mormon for a whole other blog.)  If there were more books to be revealed to us, I’m sure the angels would have shown John in Revelation..or even in the books of John.  I am quite skeptical that any books exist outside the Bible as we all know it.  Could other disciples have penned their own thoughts?  Well of course.  Just as i “pen” my own thoughts in a journal, but that doesn’t mean that they were meant to be publicized as addendums to the Bible.  In fact, I don’t know that any of these addendums translate into “read this in addition to the Bible”… If there were other books to be read outside the inerrant word of God… I think they would have been part of the original works, not mere addendums.

3) Idolatry… Now most of us know that the Catholics worship Mary the mother of Jesus as if she is a goddess.  They pray to her, they have large statues of her in their churches, they even “hail mary” as part of their repentence of sins.  How is this NOT idolatry?  Yes, there is no doubt that the mother of Jesus has a very important role as being the earth mother to a heavenly being.  This is just wild.  I can’t even begin to imagine what must have gone through her mind when she conceived Jesus through the Holy Spirit.  How would you react if God’s spirit visited you and said, oh by the way, you’re now carrying my heavenly son?  Wouldn’t that just be crazy?  Anyhow, so yes, Mary is an important person in Jesus earthly life, however to make images of her and worship her like a goddess is IDOLATRY.   How can they not see it??  I don’t know, I do suppose a blind eye is turned.  The church leaders must be right, right?  Ei-yi-yi… 

The Catholics have all kinds of saints they worship, too.  St Michael, St Peter, St Paul.. etc etc etc…  I don’t know how many of them, or even if I got any of them right, but they worship saints.  They worship people.  Is that not what idolatry is?  To worship someone or something outside of our Lord?  Did God not tell us in the 10 Commandments that we should have NO other god before him?  That we should NOT make unto thee any graven images?  Aren’t those the first 2 commandments that the Catholics have broken?  Yikes! Are they in some serious trouble. 

And where in the Bible does it tell us that this fictional character called the pope has the authority to ordain humans as saints?  I mean, seriously? I’d like to know where they got this idea.  Again, they are worshipping characters that are NOT God.   They are committing modern-day idolatry.  Idolatry is idolatry, no matter what day and age you live in.  If you’re praying to saints, if you’re praying to Mary, then you are in some serious trouble when your judgement day arrives.  I would hate to be in your shoes getting scolded by God for committing such horrid sins.  All I can say is, you better repent and learn what is right by God, not by the self-appointed god the pope. 

4) Money.. corruption  The Catholic church, from what I understand and it may not be true, I’m not sure, makes you literally pay for repentance.  As in $$$.  They are a very corrupt church body.   They have such a checkered past.  Their leaders stood with Hitler during the World War, instead of condemning his actions against the Jews.  The Catholic church has bishops involved in evil aspects of hierarchy within kingdoms–as advisors to the kings on matters of politics.  As money-launders and extortionists, really, in the Renaissance era.  They ran the kingdoms more so than I think the kings and queens did of that time.  The Catholic church has a power-hungry (greed) past that I don’t know has ever really stopped.   

The Bible tells us that money is the root of all evil.  The Catholic church certainly has conned enough of it from its religiously blind followers.  Now, granted, in the Renaissance era, there were very few Bibles in print, and the ones that were had to be approved by the Catholic church in order to be admitted into a parish’s library, from what I understand (and I could be wrong on that).  In fact, the early Catholic church insisted that the Bibles be in Latin so the parishoners would not be able to understand it, only the priests.  (I think a lot of Catholic churches still hold services in Latin.)  Why? The real reason?  Because if the parishoners knew what was in the Bible, they could turn away from the Catholic leaders who were preaching the Bible incorrectly.  Who were preaching lies about God.  For shame!  And they wonder why their church body is in such disrepair?  Who says Satan can’t enter the church…as long as the church is misrepresenting God, Satan can enter the church as he pleases.  A sanctuary is only a true sanctuary when God is fully and correctly represented.  Only then will evil not be able to pass.


So there you have it.  My main issues with the Catholic church as a whole, and their leadership.

Now, I mentioned earlier that I spent a year or just under studying with them and learning about how their organization works.  I have absolutely nothing against any of the people I met within the organization.  They were all very nice, polite, and informative.  I just think that it’s a shame they have such misguided leadership.

Point 1– their Bible .. Now, every religion has their bible/religious text preference, but when the Bible translation has been written to suit ones purpose, and translated by unqualified (allegedly) individuals… then I have to wonder.   I’ll give you an example from the ever-controversial text in their minds John 1:1-3, this is their words, now : “In [the] beginning the Word was, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a god.  This one was in [the] beginning with God.  All things came into existence through him, and apart from him not even one thing came into existence.”  They insert “a god” as part of their translation.  Now, from what i’ve read, this particular insertion was in part from guidance by a man named JS Thompson (if I remember correctly), who is actually a spiritist that talks about a violent encounter with “God” who directed Mr Thompson to translate this particular verse as such.  The RSV version of those same three verses: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God; all things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made.” 

You see, the reason that their translation is different is because they do not believe in the Trinity….. which brings me to the next point:

Point 2 — Trinitarians believe in multiple gods and that they took the triune God from the ancient Egyptian belief of three gods making up a more powerful god.  And, nowhere in the Bible does the word “trinity” show up.     See, i have to laugh at this because nowhere does the word “atheist” show up, yet Paul speaks of those who do not believe in God’s existence (sorry, I should have written that chapter down in my notes)…which is the very definition of Atheist, no? … 

As well, to say that the Trinitarians are wrong is very baseless.  If you want to prove them wrong on this point, because they are very strong in their belief that the Bible (their version) is the inerrant Word of God..  SO, they use Hebrews 1 to prove that Jesus was a co-creator, not THE creator.  Which is fine, but then you show them in Genesis 1 (their version says “active force”) where the Spirit of God moves over the waters and creates according to God’s command.  Then you ask them, if Jesus was the co-creator in Hebrews, then why is he called the “active force” or Spirit of God in Genesis?  They will be stumped because then they will have to realize that the Trinity DOES exist. 

If they still dont’ get it, then you explain it this way:  Are we not all made in God’s image?  Do we not all possess a physical body, a mind, and a spirit or soul?  But are we not just one being? God’s physical presence was Jesus on earth; God’s mind is his own mind; and God’s spirit is the Holy Spirit. … This is what true Trinitarians believe.  It is not  a three gods in one as they are convinced to believe we believe.

I was reading last night in the Bible how Jesus has full deity.  The Bible says it, and again, I didn’t write the verse down… I want to say Acts, but I was also skimming a few other New Testament books.  So to deny the Trinity is to deny the full deity of Christ, which the Bible explicity states that he had.

Point 3:  They believe that Jesus = Michael the Archangel.  Their main reason?  Because Jesus commands with an archangel’s voice in Revelations.   Fuzzy logic, I know.  What they forget is that later in Revelations, John sees an angel and I believe 3x bows to worship this angel. Each time he is scolded and told that he is not to worship and angel, but to worship our Lord.  Another minor point they seem to miss is that Jesus was given command over all angels. This does not mean he is the archangel, because how can an angel worship himself?  And we aren’t to worship angels, anyhow, right?  So there is some slight fuzzy logic going on in that religion.

Point 4— They are not allowed to question their elders.  They are not allowed to put images of Christ in their homes or in their meeting halls.  Their reasoning for the images is because of Exodus where it states the commandment “thou shall not make unto thee any graven image… not of the heavens above nor of the earth below”… so, they put earthly images on their main hall murals… but is that not contradicting their own rule? 

The reason they do not put images of Christ in their home is because it means they are worshipping an image, or an idol.  So, that means they shouldn’t have images of nature in their homes, either, because that means they are worshipping earth, no? …  Yet, many of them do have nature images in their homes donning their walls.   Yes, people do put statues of Christ in their homes and worship them as if they are worshipping Christ, himself, but that is wrong.  And with that point, I do agree.  However, to say that all people who have images of Christ in their homes are worshipping those images is terribly inaccurate. 

As for the whole not questioning your elders… I have to disagree, and here’s why.  Remember the story where Jesus is with his disciples and a group of children come running to him?  The disciples are trying to usher the children away, but Jesus says “let the children come to me”.. and continues on explaining that only those who are like children will enter the kingdom of heaven.  This doesn’t mean that only children will be allowed in heaven.  What this means (to me anyhow) is that we should be like children–inquisitive and thirsty for knowledge.  These are the ones who will enter the kingdom–those who are asking questions and looking for answers.  Do you remember, Jesus was but 10 when he went to the synagogues to question the Jewish priests on their own beliefs–to challenge what they believe and make them think about their own religious activities?  He was a very inquisitive child seeking knowledge about them as a human would do.  If we are not allowed to ask our elders questions and challenge their reasonings, how will we understand what led them to church-leading decisions? 

Point 5 — Faith through works. Now, they will vehemently deny that this is not what they believe.  However, they are told to keep tally of hours spent in meetings, hours spent in private study–in-home study–and when they are behind the “goal”, they are told to step up the pace.  Get crackin’ at recruiting more weakened believers.   They do not understand that it is through our works that we show our faith.  They seem to relate the two as inseparable.  The more hours of study, the more faithful.  However, we Christians believe that it is through our works that we show our faith.  The way we live, the way we swagger, the way we speak…  The things we do outside the home, as well as inside, are how Christians show their faith.  It does not matter how many hours we spend in Bible lessons every week, but rather how we incorporate that lesson into our daily lives which strengthens our faith.  

They don’t understand the concept of “Grace alone”.  I find this too bad that their leadership refuses to see these things.

Point 6 — the 144,000 -strong army of Christ… They believe that a remnant of that 144,000 is in their congregation.  And that these 144,000 know who they are, and are the ONLY ones who are allowed to take bread and wine at ther annual Communion ritual.  They say if you don’t know, then  you aren’t part of that remnant.  What they seem to forget is that these 144,000 men are “undefiled by woman”–they are virgins.  They are not married/married with families.  They are virgin men.  So when I was told that this woman’s husband was one of the remnant, I had to hold my tongue as a student.  They  have their beliefs, I have mine.  I was there to learn about their religion–their organization.

Point 7 — Communion is only held ONCE a year.  Now, I can understand where this comes from — Passover is onlly once a year.  However, Jesus tells his disciples to keep eating until they are certain that He has returned to earth.  So, if we are to keep breaking bread, then does this mean more than an annual event?  I don’t know. I tend to think yes, but is that partly because this is how i was brought up?  Maybe, but to me, to continually break bread means a bit more frequently than once a year. 

Point 8 — Their hymns.  If you have never attended one of their meetings, then it is quite the experience, for sure.  Their Sunday meetings consist of an elder leading the service –which I have no problem with — but their hymns?  The ones I heard when attending their service wasn’t even remotely close to the beautifully created melodies that we are used to in the traditional sense (think Old Rugged Cross, for instance).  These are a mish-mash of notes put to tune after the “verse” has been written.. These “songs” sound more like cult chants than actual hymns… go out and preach to others, do not be discouraged, keep pushing on… that sort of stuff.  It’s not even really a verse, as we are used to verse, but rather a bunch of mini-lectures, “encouragements”, to keep working in the field–door to door.  It’s a very strange thing to be a witness to. 

Then after their service–they have Bible session.  Only, their session is based upon their literature that they circulate around the town–their tracts.  And in these tracts is the date of the Sunday service, and at the bottom (now, maybe they have changed this since my time studying with them) is the questions that are going to be asked at this particular session… and the answers to those questions. . There isn’t a lot of outside thinking–basically just regurgitating, in their own words, the same answer over and over again.  It’s a question/answer session like you’d expect a teacher to give you in school–read this story, and be prepared to answer questions on Monday. .. It’s a very odd thing to be part of, honestly.  It is very odd that you don’t feel God’s presence in that room.. like at all.  They are all very convinced and will say “Wasn’t that a beautiful service today?  Werent those songs lovely?”  I smile and nod in politeness as I didn’t have the heart to say that there is no Godly presence in that room.  There is just, I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s just cold.  Just very odd and very different from what I grew up on.

Point 9 — The Ancient Prophets are not in heaven with Jesus.   Now, this is terribly inaccurate.  How can you contradict the Bible telling you that the prophets of old are eating with Jesus and seeing what is going on?  Where do they think Jesus is if he is dining with Elijah and Moses? And when Elijah is taken up into the clouds, not even perishing as we think of perishing, where has he gone if he is not in heaven with Jesus? I actually asked this once.  They say that because flesh and blood can not enter heaven, that this is a perverbial cloud, not a literal cloud that Elijah has been taken up on. …  That NOBODY enters heaven until Christ has come to earth for a 2nd time.   

Point 10 — Flesh and blood can not enter heaven, therefore Jesus did  not come back in the flesh.  However, as we good Bible students know, Jesus DID come back in flesh and bone.. he has no blood, but he has flesh and bone.  … So flesh and blood can not enter the kingdom of heaven, BUT flesh and BONE can. …

Point 11 — Charity work. .. they just don’t believe in it.  The Bible says that we should help the widowed and the poor, the needy. … So, if that isn’t charitable work, I don’t know why they don’t do any of that. It is what the Bible directs us to do. 

There are some things they do that ARE Biblical:

A- central treasury . … this is how Paul ran his congregation.  Everyone put their earnings into a central treasury, and it was allocated as needed for travel purposes, mostly.   They do this, and I get it.  I think it’s a grande idea–although very difficult to do in this day and age of money-run society.  Why do you think Paul had asked the rich man if he could give up his riches to follow along?  The rich man couldn’t, but was still polite and helpful.  The man couldn’t part with his abundance of money to follow the path Christ wants us to follow.  The Bible even tells us that “money is the root of all evil”… and it is, you see it when you start researching into the schematics behind vaccines, food chemicals, etc.  Money is the root of all that corruptness. …

B) They ostracize any member who refuses to follow the rules.  Now, at first I admit I thought this was ludacrous.  However, when I read that this is what Paul told his followers–to disassociate with those brethren who chose not to follow church guidelines–I was shocked.  I found it to be harsh punishment-even for those days.  Now, Paul does go on to say that these brethren should be treated as unbelievers and re-taught the truth (if i remember correctly).   Still, I find it harsh and almost inhumane if we are to love one another.

C) Celebrations of the person are not allowed.  I understand where they are coming from — we shouldn’t exhalt ourselves on particular days of the year, but should rather give thanks for another day.  This is their reasoning behind not celebrating birthdays, although they do celebrate anniversaries… which is contradictory as anniversaries are celebrations of ourselves, in essence.  However, they did, in ancient times, celebrate the “day of weaning” with a great family feast  This “day of weaning”, when I questioned them, is actually a birthday.  When I questioned them at what age this day of weaning occurred, they said about 5 or 6.  So I said “But isn’t that a birthday?”  And I was told “not really, because it may not have been their actual day of birth that they had their day of weaning celebration” … which is interesting.  It is a birthday without saying its a birthday.  But they are correct — birthdays celebrated in teh Bible were  usually of the pharoah’s and in vain–not to give thanks, but to partake in ungodly activities.  So, from this standpoint, i can see why they don’t celebrate birthdays, but the Bible doesn’t say much about anniversaries, either, from what i remember.  So why do they celebrate wedding anniversaries??  …  maybe some choose not to, some choose to, I don’t know. …

D) Christmas is not celebrated.  They say it is because 1-Christ was not born in December, but rather earlier in the calendar year based upon the weather conditions at the time of his birth, and the attire of those who came to see him.. and 2-because Christmas was an invention by the Catholic church to bring worshippers into the church during the Winter Solstice celebrations in the.. i think 1400s or something like that–which occured during the time we celebrate Christmas today.  The invention of Christ’s birth being in Dec was to bring parishoners into the church and give them a serious guilt trip for being part of the pagan Solstice festivities.   Now, I admit, their reasoning makes sense, but the birth of Christ is so pivotal in the church, how can you NOT make a point to emphasize it?  How can you celebrate  his death during Passover, but  not the start of his life on earth?   I think the birth of Christ is so terribly important that it deserves it’s own chapter in church curriculum.   Just as Christ’s baptism by John the Baptist was so pivotal, as well. 

E) baptism .. They believe that baptism can only happen as an adult, as it is only adults who are baptised in the Bible through submersion in water.  It is only as an adult that we can have enough understanding of God’s word to adequately be worthy of baptism–that we’ll have enough knowledge to be baptised.   This is, from my very vague understanding of the Baptists, what the Baptists believe as well.  However, they do not partake “baptising households” as households with children.  They believe that households, when baptized by the disciples, included only adults.  Which I would strongly disagree with.  How many households have only adults?  How many households in the ancient times would be made up with ZERO children?  This is why some Christian sects believe in infant baptism.  You can not have a spirit to guide you if you are not baptised, from what I understand.   So a child’s chance to go to  heaven is greatly increased by being baptised as an infant, to get that extra spirit guidance from the start. 

The method of baptism – is it REALLY that important? Baptism is symbolic of shedding the old you and putting on the clothes of the new, spiritual you.  You die the old life and are given a new life.  A life in Christ.  I don’t know that HOW you are baptized matters so much that you ARE baptized.  The Bible says that there is only ONE baptism.  If you are baptized in Christ as an infant/young child, then why do you need to be RE-baptized a second time?  This is one thing about both the JWs adn the Baptists that I could never really understand.  If there is only one baptism, you should not NEED to be baptized a second time to be a member of the church/organization.  That is silly, really. … if you have already been baptized in Christ, regardless of age, it should carry forward the rest of your life, whether you switch religious sects or not. …


I’m sure I’ll think of more, but it’s late here in the West… and honestly, I need sleep.

Now this will peeve some people… this will make some people think.. and it will make some people wonder about their choice of religion.  First let me start by saying, NO, I’m not a trained seminarian, but I know what I know, and I understand what I understand.

The Bible is the ultimate book of greed, deception, and a great big cheer for the good guys.  The problem is when you are younger and  you “read” the Bible, really it’s just skimming over basic information that makes zero sense to you at the time.  Your struggles to understand the underlying meanings of chapters upon chapters of what seems like the same message… is fruitless.  BUT, as you get older and somewhat wiser, you go back to the Bible with a different look on life.  You begin, with the help of God’s Holy Spirit, to actually understand what is in this book of what used to be meaningless words. 

For me, it came about when my curiosity about the Jehovah’s Witnesses came in to fruition.  I studied with them for a year or just under, and got to understand not only the Bible better, but how their organization works better.  I could do a whole other blog on the JWs, and maybe some day I will, but for now, I’ll try to keep this down to an interesting point on homosexual relationships. 

If you read Romans chapter 1–the entire chapter, not just bits and pieces,  you will see the reason that there is homosexuality in the world: because man did not give proper due to God. RSV Romans 1:25because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator..”  Because ancient civilizations chose to worship idols instead of the one true God, God punished society.  In verses 26 & 27, you will read that men and women began to have unnatural relations-men with men, women with women.   So homosexuality is not “in the genes”, as so many people will say, but rather a sinful act that was the result of idol worshipping back in ancient days.

Now this brings me to another point: A true church can not advocate or approve of same-sex relations because it goes against the Bible’s teachings.  To approve of an act that resulted from man’s idol worshipping is like saying it is OK to worship idols.  We all know it isn’t.  Some of us still do (Catholics worship Mary, worship the Pope, which is a self-appointed title, not one the Bible actually teaches, they worship saints) thinking that it is OK because the church leaders do it. 

So, for all of those who say “She’s a homophobe” I say “You don’t know me, so don’t judge me.”  Each person has the freedom to choose whatever lifestyle suits their fancy.  All I am saying is that same-sex relationships are not Biblical.  They are not “in your genes”.  They are “unnatural”, as the RSV calls it.  Homosexuality is the result of idol-worshipping by our ancient ancestors.  It is an act of sin to pay for a sinful act–an act that is prohibited by the Ten Commandments “Thou shall have no other gods before me.”   This is not me saying that it is bad, the Bible is God’s undisputable word.  What’s in the Bible is God’s words, not mine. 

If God says that these relationships are unnatural, a result of great sins and therefore a sinful act… then who am I to argue?  Would you want to stand before God and argue to Him that what’s in the Bible is irrelevant to the current times?  Do you want to stand before God and explain to Him that scientists discovered a gene mutation that causes homosexuality?  If you do, have fun.  Don’t be surprised if you get directed to the Bible to read and re-read Romans chapter 1 before you come back to Him for debate.

Here’s a revolution:  “just say no” … 

When I was growing up, sex ed was the new thing.  You were required to take it prior to graduating.  What does it teach you?  How to have safe sex, basically.  What doesn’t it teach you?  What it takes to be a parent. 

Why don’t schools teach, instead of sex ed, Parenting Education?  This should be a requirement for all high school graduates.  They take in part of the sex ed, but mostly about parenting.  They get weekly visits from a local teen mom and her baby and learn how to behave around an infant.  They learn how to change diapers, how to dress a baby, how to feed the baby a bottle, how to burp the baby, all the little things that first-time moms dont’ really know. 

THEN you teach them about the time it takes behind parenting.  Make them live on a budget that includes diapers, wipes, formula.  Take them through the stages of terrible twos, terrible threes, preschool, and beyond.   Teach these teenagers about time management: that it WILL take an hour to get ready to go anywhere, that as they get older, they need to learn to schedule in sports and play dates and daycare.  Make them understand what, exactly, it takes to be a parent, and I guarantee you there will be a drastic drop in teen pregnancies. 

Young teen moms won’t oodle over a baby and want to have one; they’ll look at a baby and see how much work it is to raise one.  I bet that lack of freedom, alone, will make them think twice about unprotected sex.  And in the process, they’ll learn how to live on a budget, which will help them once they are cut off from the free ride of living at home.   If you want young citizens to become responsible young citizens, parents need all the help they can get.  And yes, you can flunk out of Parenting Ed and be forced to re-take it. …

Raw Milk

Aaahhh, yes… the yummy yummy taste of milk directly from the tank, prior to being offloaded into the milk truck and brought to the creamery brings back memories. ….  =)  so why is there such a government haste to ban this stuff?

Raw milk is what our ancestors drank.  It has good bacteria, a healthy fat content, and if it’s certified organic, then it’s NOT filled with infection pus off cow teets, antibiotics, growth hormones, and all sorts of other stuff we don’t want to know about.   Raw milk used to be delivered in glass bottles to your ancestor’s home–thus the whole joke surrounding your child being the milk-man’s….   It wasn’t until the early 1900s (thinking 1940s if memory serves me correctly–which, being pregnant, isn’t such a sure thing) that Louis Pasteur created this process to kill all the bacteria in milk and prolonging it’s shelf life for the local grocery store–pasteurization.  Homogenization works much in the same way–kills the good bacteria and bad altogether. 

So why on earth would the FDA/USDA and whomever else is involved, recommend that raw milk be banned from sale by your mom-n-pop farmers who want to give their customer’s a choice of fresh milk vs milk thats essentially bad for you as it’s a “dead” products? It’s not like the people buying the milk dont’ know it’s raw.  They buy it BECAUSE it is raw.  Because it is free from all that junk that goes into that glass of homo/pasteurized milk you just poured for your kid, or put into his cereal.   So, really, what’s the big deal? 

USDA.  This constant vicious circle of corruption within the US government is very frustrating.  The more you read, the more you aren’t sure you want to know.  Anyhow, so the USDA from what I understand, is pushing along with the FDA, to get rid of raw milk altogether.  To put these little mom-n-pop farms out of a portion of business because they are meeting customer’s demands.  They aren’t caving to the “goodness” of killing all bacteria, good or bad, just to have a product with little taste and long shelf life.   They are providing their clientele with a wholesome, good product and decreasing sales of nasty stuff you find on the shelves.  These mom-n-pop farms are taking away a small piece of dairy conglomerate profit.  And that’s bad in USDA eyes. 

So, already, states such as WI have decided it is in the best interest of the consumers to NOT have raw milk as an option.  Somehow, USDA and FDA bedded with the state governance to scare them into passing a law that bans the sale of raw milk.  Seriously??  Yes.  All these ads that say raw milk is disease-filled and will make your kids sick… these are sponsored by the USDA, I’m sure.  These are FALSE accusations on a totally healthy product.  The truly disease-filled milk is what you just bought in the store.  This “dead” version of an otherwise healthy alternative .  If our ancestors lived off it, if our Biblical ancestors used it, how can raw milk be bad?

It is through human intervention on God’s creation that brought about the killing of an otherwise live, healthy product.  A pattern that is continually repeated throughout  history–we try to “better” our food by creating ways to kill the nutrients provided by it. .. How ironic is that?  So all you raw milk drinkers… KUDOS to your health!  To all those who are pulled into the whole “raw milk will cause illness” scare tactics, do some more research into raw milk before you believe what you hear.  And remember who, exactly, is behind these scare tactics to get you to keep buying the by-product of diseased animals…because we mothers know that any medicines we take go direcctly into our breastmilk ((which is why lactating mothers are told NOT to take medications.. at all)).  So think about that the next time you pick up a carton of milk.

As for “organic” milk?? Well, not all companies practice good “organic” processes.  Even cows who eat “organic” only on the day of milking can produce a product called “organic milk”.  So it’s a buyer-beware, do your rearch world we live in.  Thank goodness for the human invention of the internet, and the ability to research immensely on the internet.

OK, first things first… these headings will be items of controversy, and will likely get comments from both sides of the fence.  That’s totally what blogging is about–freedom to express your opinion on topics of interest to the blogger… so, here goes nothin’!

First topic for me: VACCINES

I know there are many many doctors who will spew out pharmaceutical jargon and reasons why you SHOULD get vaccines–the whole scare tactic of “if you don’t, you’ll get others sick with your disease”…  What a load of crap!  I will give you a  very interesting point:  Back in March, I believe it was, of this year there was a large measles outbreak in New Jersey/New York.  There was a rush to get kids vaccinated with their measles because of this.  But what you may not know?  70% of those who were infected were PREVIOUSLY VACCINATED.  The vaccine was ineffective.   That means MORE vaccinated children contracted the measles than those who were NOT vaccinated in that particular outbreak. …  Still think vaccines are effective??

A second case in point: the big kerfluffle on the flu vaccine–seasonal AND H1N1 (which, btw, is now going to be combined in this year’s seasonal flu with 3 other strains).   Did you know that the group most recommended for these vaccines–children, pregnant women, elderly–are the ones with the most compromised immune systems??  The weakest immune systems??   So why would you recommend a shot for someone who already has a weakened immune system, just to weaken them even more?  I’ll tell you why:  MONEY.  

This may or may not surprise you:  40M flu vaccines are expired and being set up for the incinerator.  Another 30M, if I remember correctly, are soon to be expired so are being shipped to poor African nations “out of the kindess of our hearts”…  Who do you think paid for these vaccines?  The taxpayers. .. Your money gets burned because these flu vaccines are terribly ineffecctive.  There is no data to show that these vaccines PREVENT you from getting the flu, only LESSEN the effects of the flu.  So what is the point of getting vaccinated for the flu?  There isn’t.. … 

Did you know that Vit D3 has been shown to be MORE EFFECTIVE to fight off the flu than any flu vaccine?  And is this fact broadcast to the masses?? No.  Why?  MONEY.  If you buy vitamins, you won’t be wasting your hard-earned money on pharmaceutical company products.

Back to vaccines in general.  There’s a fantastic website by WAVE found at that lists every ingredient used in vaccines.  You can search by any particular vaccine.  What you’ll find may surprise  you.  The same vaccines that doctors push you to injecct yourself with are loaded with any combination of toxic solvents, carcinogenic “preservatives”, and very little of the actual virus.  Mainly fillers.  Go ahead, look if you dare.  It’s an interesting site, for sure! 

Now, those of us who are against vaccines aren’t against the idea behind the vaccine–to prevent disease, but rather the chemicals laced inside each vaccine that is supposed to be good for you.  Have you ever thought about why cancer is so prevalent these days?  Think about it–I wouldn’t be too awfully suprised if the increase in cancers is linked to the increased push to vaccinate and poison our children.  Think about all the people you know who are cancer suvivors, living with cancer, or passed from cancer.  How many of them were regularly vaccinated, as per doctor’s schedule of vaccinations, as children?   It’s sad to see so many people affected by a disease that is so needlessly spreading like wildfire.  

Back to vaccines, again, as you can see I’m easily sidetracked *LOL* .  Think about this one: Why do you still need a polio vaccine? how many people do you know with polio?  My great-grandma had polio in the days when polio was rampant among the young.  I read somewhere, sorry I don’t remember where off-hand, that when the polio vaccine was invented, there was another doctor who was treating polio patients with therapeutic doses of Vit C.  Yes, this was just as effective as the vaccine, but as in today’s world, because it’s new and shiney, it must be good, so the polio vaccine was pushed on parents for their children.  I imagine it was the same tactics used today. 

This one I love:  chicken pox vaccine. .. Seriously??  Chicken pox??  When we were young, you know, in the late 70s/early 80s, you had chicken pox, all the kids in the family contracted chicken pox… and some parents would invite kids over to get their immunity naturally. … like God intended. …  Why NOT get vaccinated?  Because it DOES NOT PREVENT chicken pox.  It only LESSENS the effect of chicken pox.  I know 2 parents, who this year alone, their children contracted chicken pox… and they were children who received the vaccine. …  So why inject yourself with an ineffective vial of junk??   Why let yourself be guilted into “necessary” vaccine schedules by people who are getting kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies?   ((the whole vicious circle if ridiculousnes is a whole other blog!)) 

Something interesting that I read this week on my favorite independent news site notes that not only are the CDC, FDA, WHO all in one lovely little threesome, but the CDC has such wonky statistics, it’s a wonder anyone can sort through them to find the truth behind deaths related to the flu, in particular, because pneumonia and flu are categorized into one statistic.  How inaccurate is that to begin with?  Terribly… something like 80 or 90% inaccurate. … yet these numbers are what you hear on the news time and time again.  You MUST read the article “Flu vaccines, pharma fraud, quack science, the CDC and WHO..”  what a fantastic article on the flu vaccine in particular.

Many of you out there will likely think to yourself that I make all this up, there’s no way a doctor would recommend something that is NOT good for you…   REALLY??  huh.  I find that to be a terribly interesting thought, thank you for thinking it. =)   …

Some of you will think “kudos to goorganicmom” and agree with what I say. .. The piece of the puzzle mssing, however, is diet.  I’m not talking about the South Beach… or Atkins,… I’m talking about the American Diet — lots of fast food, lots of sodium / salt, lots of refined sugar, lots of caffeine.   The Junk Diet, I call it, because ;you’re filling your body with so much junk.  This type of diet weakens the immune system to start with, and the chemicals inside that burger you just ate for dinner from McD’s is loaded with animal antibiotics and who knows what other chemicals that are carcinogenic and/or toxic to your body.  

The missing puzzle piece is this: eating healthy.. eating organic… getting your vitamins and minerals, your Omegas (3&6), your D3.. and for some of us women extra iron and calcium-magnesium. … i don’t mean the stuff you get off Wal Mart shelf.. like Centrum.. or stuff you get branded GNC…  i mean do your research and find out the good quality brands (like Vitamin Code, for instance).  The higher priced vitamins will set you back a pretty shiney new penny, but they are also made with better quality ingredients, and have better manufacturing/processing practices.   All vitamins claim to be the best of the best, the creme de la creme, but for a truly good for you vitamin brand, you have to really dig deep.   You have to ask them and  yourself the tough questions: are the ingredients earthly?  Are they synthesized in the lab?  What is the process for extraction of these vitamins/minerals?  Is it via toxic solvents such as hexane?  Is it more plant-based? If it’s plant-based, is it an organic farm? .. Where, exactly, are the ingredients sourced out from?    You really learn to read labels when you start your research.   Be leary of company-tested vitamins… you want a 3rd party, independent verification of the quality/efficacy of the ingredients in your vitamin–which sounds silly, but trust me… it’s not. 

As an ending thought about vaccines, before I got sidetracked into my healthy eating soapbox, I have a friend from high school who has never been immunized, whose parents have never been immunized, and whose children are not immunized.  Now, skeptics will say they must be sick all the tiem, right?  Nope.  They are the healthiest people I know.  Part of it is they use homeopathic/natural remedies for ailments… and part of it is their diet–they are very mindful of what they put into their bodies. … 

One more thing about vaccines:  Did people in Biblical times live 200,300,900  years because they were vaccinated???  They used plants and flowers for their medicine… and lived off land that was nutrient-rich, not laced with chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and medicinal left-overs flushed down the drain or tossed in the garbage.  They understood their place on earth was to care for the land, not to inundate the land with gene-altering junk for their children, their children’s children, to suffer the consequences of later in life.

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