So, my son decided that he HAD to start school the same day as his brothers… just because that is his routine.  He is a very routine child, to say the least. So, you know that feeling where you feel like you are the most disorganized soul in the world? Yeah, that was my entire first week of school.  I feel more and more disorganized every year–odd how that works. 

So here I am, with an actual “bell” schedule with A days and B days… and Fridays set as our review day. … Except, I didn’t have books..  BUT, hey, how bad could it be, right?  The first week of public school here is a write-off anyhow as they juggle numbers, and just waste time for the entire week on “what I did this summer” projects of art and essays as they “make sure kids all fit together well in the classroom”–whatever that means these days.  We didn’t juggle classes teachers, we were assigned teachers and that’s who we had all year–except middle school, where we started day one … as a FULL day of school, none of this 2hrs or less ridiculousness.

Oh yeah, so back to the first week of home school.  Let me just say, it is an eye opener.  Very wise tips I’ve read to make the week’s dinners ahead of time, like a Sunday all day, and freeze them.  I think the whole week was “what is quick and easy” week.  Thankfully, we still had the last remnants of pasta..if only the boys would stop eating bread like it’s candy..(but, oh wait, it is like candy…. as it turns to sugar in your system–which explains why my sugar addict son loves it so much). …  

Teachers, home school and otherwise, you deserve more pay.  In fact, I think I might just start a picket line of my own–I am going to protest FOR teacher’s getting a raise.  I spent last week prepping my admin side of home school–I have the binder, I have my stuff in order, I thought I was good to go.  

This week, now that we are in session, it is a very different story.  The first day was more of “what did you cover” or “did you cover this” type of review day.  As the week went on, I realized I needed more prep work… a lot more, especially if I am to work this without texts for the short-term.  Luckily, there are tons of great websites that gave me a good understanding of what I should be teaching in math, for example, with a few free downloadables to test my son’s knowledge.  I had this rush of math info and many “oh yeah, I remember doing that” moments while I was busy skimming through the worksheets for things like finding the area of a circle.  I even had equations start popping into my head that I haven’t used in, well, a long time.  

So, with the first week behind me, and my starting to grasp the work behind the teaching, I am still left rewarded when I hear my son recall much of what little I taught him this week… and his routine?  Oh yes, he keeps me to the exact time — one hour for each subject, with an hour lunch (just don’t tell him HIS hour is up) … …  Yes, there are many late nights this week, but i think leaving Friday as a more relaxed, less scheduled day, is going to do wonders for my sanity–what little I have left, that is.