… and I am realizing that I need to sit and seriously start planning at least the first semester.  I have all sorts of ideas on paper, and I mean enough that covers something like 3 front-to-back pages full, at least  I was all proud that I bought a larger whiteboard to “teach” with… and I have somewhat convinced the husband to get rid of the air hockey table (i.e. use it for the new office rec room) that nobody has used in I don’t know how long.

Back to planning.  I had all these wonderful ideas at the beginning of August to start my planner.  Then karma decided to kick my butt and now I have a husband recovering from surgery, a son with a badly sprained ankle (the same son who wants to be homeschooled, but plays basketball… could get a little tricky come evaluation time)..and I shouldn’t be feeling time-crunched, but I am.  AND I managed to miss the early Homeschool Orientation at the library, so I am now on the late session…Sept 20… you know, 10 days before the deadline of homeschool registration ((but THAT I can do next week when the administrators are back inside the office prepping for the schoolyear)).

I am at a loss on how to actually plan a school year, so I decided to do a little online research.  …. I found a fabulous little site that is full of amazingly useful (and did I mention FREE) downloadable forms to choose from.  Donna Young has an extremely thorough site to browse through, with regards to various forms you can use in different text styles.  From attendance records, exam score records, chore sheets, to weekly, monthly and activity planners.  I feel like I just hit the homeschool jackpot… again! ..  I didn’t even think about some of the things she has on her site (like attendance… for home school?). But the points she makes are valid–you may need to provide these little things to the school to ensure you are following guidelines.  Every district will be different.  I will find out next week what my district feels the need to harp on me about…  you know, besides the whole “you need to attend public school to keep him socialized” line of BS I am well-prepared to be fed. …  and spit back the facts… nothin’ but the facts, and let them squirm as they are asked “What has the district done for my son?  Not the teacher, the DISTRICT.”  …..