I am one of these people who love to do big projects.  Well, they don’t always start out big, but they always end up big.  My latest project ended up being 3 days’ work.  I turned a messy, boy-clean toy room into a really cool space room…with some help from black paint, white paint, glow-in-the-dark paint, and sticker jewels.  

It all started with a natural science/earth science sort of idea I had: have my 11yr old scale down the solar system and use sidewalk chalk to illustrate on the greenspace path behind our house (cuz really, that’s the type of space you need, and it would be fun for other families to venture through space on their daily walk/run/half-run).  Then the ideas start to swirl: I have a blank canvas in the toy room that was supposed to be a robot factory room….only I never really got to it.  ANNND it was never properly cleaned and re-organized–and by properly I mean my way–by my 9yr old last weekend.   

So there it was… I’m tired of dark brown color blocked wall with pale yellow everywhere in the house.  It’s a great combination, but I need change.  I can’t exactly switch out the furniture to my family room, but that is on my list (as in when my 3yo decides to end his little art escapade on everything he can reach).  I can only do so much rearranging of the furniture before I run out of ideas.  Anyhow, so there I was… thinking about the solar system and having a flash-back to high school physics when my friend Erin and I grouped together and put up a scale model of the solar system in the local elementary hall–where there was less chance of it getting destroyed within five minutes of setting it up.  And then I’m thinking–why not put the solar system (in very rough scale, mind you) in the toy room?  Kids play in there, they can learn about the planets, they can see the stars…. and so the journey began.

Can I just say I LOVE the black wall as a color block wall with the pale yellow?  In fact, I love it so much that I am going to do this to two of the other bedrooms while the hubby is in Vegas…  He should be so happy that I only bought one gallon of paint on the books… the other stuff I needed for this past week’s project??  Oh that money was strictly off the books…. as in, I got a refund from some hockey exec committee expenses I submitted, type off the books. .. but SHHH we won’t tell him that — good thing he never reads my blogs.   

Need I mention some really good summer clearance sales while he is away?  He already got mad that I bought some school supplies (for $1 or less each) to add to my extra supply box… I’m sure that by the time Thursday comes around, he will wish he never left for Vegas. =)  


Space room that has been mommy-cleaned.

What’s the old saying?  What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas?  Yeah, well around here, its more like “What goes on while you’re in Vegas… can be seen when you get back from Vegas.” (Just don’t hold me accountable for my designer boredom and obsessive need to change things every three months or so.)