I love my boys, really I do, but there are days when you have to just shake your head and walk away before they see you burst a gut.  My #3 son is quite the little character.  A little ladies man at the ripe old age of 4.  His best friend is a girl in the house across from us, he has a sorta big-sister in our tenant’s child, and he just made himself a new friend–another girl that is his age. …  but sometimes I gotta give it to him–he has a creative mind. 

One day out of the blue I hear “my pee pee smells like fish”. .. .Now what in the world are you supposed to say to that??  Do you egg him on and start asking why it would smell like fish, or do you just sit and wonder what on earth possessed him to smell it in the first place??  Anyhow, so what else would a good mom do? “You probably just need a bath.”  My insides are telling me to walk away, and walk away … now. … Thankfully he just leaves it at that. 

Now, my #4 child is nearing the terrible 3 phase.  I think he’s decided to hit that phase at light-speed Hans Solo style.  He finds it hilariously entertaining to compete with big brother to see who can be the baddest (and that’s probably not proper English, but today it is).  One hot day a week or two ago, he comes outside to find me.  (Where am I? Oh, my little hiding spot, tucked away in the back garden basking in what little bit of nature we have in suburbia.)  I walk over to help him unlock the patio gate, and he has decided to make himself into an art project. Yes, it was rather cute to see a little boy covered in purple marker–thank goodness I only buy the washable ones.  Alas, like peanut butter boy (my #2) before him, we had to get a few pictures before I washed him up. .. Unfortunately, they are terribly blurry, but still, we have the evidence to hold against him for future use. 

If I could… this would be my nightly refuge

Now, my older two are in their own little kingdoms of fun.  My pre-teen thinks he has to do absolutely nothing….and doesn’t have to listen to anything I say, especially when he is focused on the TV or video game (Minecraft is a curse, I’m certain of it).  My #2 son is Mr Socialite who is hardly home during the day because he is off playing with friends of his–which I have no problem with.  What I do expect at any given time is the grocery bill for feeding him.  He is a hockey boy.  He is always hungry.  I know what he’s like.  BUT until I do, off he goes into the wild blue yonder called the ‘hood.  I may see him at lunch, I may not.  He may come home for dinner… at 9pm… or he may be home when I actually serve dinner. Either way, it’s summer, there is no schedule, so they are allowed to have a little bit of fun–but just a little.