Who knew a child’s math would be so creative?  Mommy says “no”, baby gets the giggles because it’s just too fun being bad….   My #4 turned one last month.. … and already he’s a game boy.  Everything is a game.  He takes his socks off, mommy gets his toes, he laughs. … he grabs the phone and holds on for dear life while you are trying to make a phone call… he laughs. .. He chews my cellphone, thus it is in need of repairs, and he laughs.. in fact, he thinks it’s his because apparently all one-year-olds need cell phones these days.  He squeezes the milk out the nipple of his bottle (which is supposed to be a no-drip nipple)… he laughs (he’s been doing that trick since he was 10mths old)..  when mommy says “Drink your milk, not play”… yep, he laughs. … silly silly baby.

Yesterday, oh yesterday, how I do not miss you.  My #4 discovered the toilet.  Not that he’s potty training, but that he’s enjoying have a bowl of cold water exactly where he can reach it, with a seemingly endless water supply to test the water retention of toilet paper, and empty toilet paper rolls.  And, while he’s at it, tests how long it will take for hardwood to buckle under a puddle of toilet water (at least it was clean water.. as opposed to the half-flushed pee water that daddy leaves behind every morning).

My #3, on the other hand, doesn’t help.  He now talks in the third person, which is quite hilarious, I must admit, and has transformers and teddy bears potty training with him… in fact, the other day, bear got so excited about potty training, he managed to fall into the toilet….  at least, that is what I think my 2yo is trying to prove. … His own potty training is going well, quite frankly.  He’s 2 1/2 (have to get that extra 6mths in there) and already he takes his pull-up off when he pees, and empties his poo into the toilet.. by hand.. but has yet to remember to put a clean pull-up back on… he’s half-way there, so that’s great !  He’s ready for real big-boy underwear, now… not that I am, but he is.