OK, here goes. I have been away for quite a while (a newborn, now 11mths, will do that), but decided to jump on the coconut water bandwagon. .. and what a lovely jump it was!

I have bought and tried 3 different brands–Taste Nirvana, Vita Coco, and Zico.

Let me start with Vita Coco. I read about this company online after seeing the CEO/Founder in an hour long special on Bloomberg News. So, I dug a little more. … I love his story, the company seemed like a great investment and worth the try. Even if he sells his product in WalMart across America. So, was it worth the hype? For me, NO. I find this brand has a bitter taste to it, for lack of better descriptive. Great for cooking muffins and the like, but not my favorite for drinking. Perhaps best for washing your hair, as Brazilians do. I don’t know if its the coconuts he uses, or what, but not impressed… at all.

The second brand, Zico, has much the same flavour as Vita CoCo… I’ll drink it because I bought it, but again, for my tastebuds, best used in cooking and washing your hair.

The 3rd brand I’ve tried is Taste Nirvana. Let me tell you, the name says it all… mmmm-mmm–good. It has a light sweet flavour, very refreshing, and comes in pulp-free, pulp inclusive, and aloe inclusive (aloe, I know!). I’ve tried all three of this line. I do like the pulpiness, actually, but it wouldn’t be everyone’s favourite, I’m sure. The aloe gel, it’s different. I didn’t mind it much–and aloe is good for you inside and out–but the gel chunks may be a bit hard to swallow for some. Some may not like the chunkiness of it, but I certainly didn’t mind. This company, btw, uses young coconuts from Thailand, fair trade, eco-friendly farming practices. So I like the company’s mantra, as well, for their products.

When going organic, it’s great to just try different things. All of these brands are also in similar price ranges. Zico and Vita CoCo come in tetra paks, but Taste Nirvana comes in glass jars. Maybe that’s also why I like it… it’s like reading a book vs iPad touch… nothing says a good book like the feel of the paper back, dog-earing pages, making notes in the margins. … Drinking Taste Nirvana is just that… a good old-fashioned reading.. in a bottle.