OOOh, I know, I know, “you don’t understand the complexity of how cancer genetics works”….  I have heard that argument from a scientific friend of mine.  She’s not so far off-I don’t know how the genetics portion works.  Yes, it is somewhat complicated.  BUT, to this I say “open your mind”… 

Let me tell you WHY I say cancer is the world’s largest fraud:  You have a business, (because it is, essentially,a business) earning multi-Billions annually through various money-making schemes disguised as “research awareness” campaigns (think pink ribbon, yellow ribbon, daffodils, walks, etc), yet, why is there no cure??   Let me repeat this:  WHY  HAVE  THEY  NOT  FOUND  A  CURE?  I mean, really, you’d think with all that money coming in from not only awareness campaigns, but also research grants from the government, that they’d have already found the cure to cancer.  A Ponzi scheme at best.   So why haven’t they?  Let me let you in on a dirty little secret: because they don’t want to.  GASP! (I know) Seriously?  Why don’t they want to? Because it will put thousands of people out of a job.  It will bankrupt the pharmaceutical industry, whose main cash cow is that which we call cancer.  Instead of taking the chance at being the hero, they’ve decided it’s much more profitable to NOT cure cancer.  In fact, I bet they don’t even educate their patients on anything but drugs and mutilation (in the form of mastectomy).   Why?  Because that’s how they are trained–to treat symptoms, not the cause.

Did you know that most cancers take 20 YEARS to grow large enough to become visible by today’s “wonderful” technology?  Did you know that alternative methods have treated, and essentially CURED cancers at various stages??   Let me tell you how:

Gerson Therapy– these clinics operate in Mexico, California, and Hawaii.  They are life-changing clinics.  They teach you about nutrition, and the power of fresh, raw, organic juices.  Through their program, they’ve cured “incurable” diabetes, they’ve cured cancers.

Burzynski-Many think this guy is a “quack”.  Why? Because his antineoplaston concoction has cured inoperable brain tumors, has cured cancers at the latest stage when there is no other hope but to die by chemo. His clinic runs out of TX only, as this is the only state he’s allowed to do his work. YET, he’s been the target of FBI raids, his client files stolen, his work has been attempted to be stolen, even by his own researcher.  When FDA wastes $60M+ of taxpayer money to steal his secret concoction, you know it must be good.  And the only reason that FDA couldn’t get his antineoplaston to work, is because they set up the study to fail miserably. using lower doses than normal in their poorly screened test patients.

Vitamin B17 – what is this? It’s found in the seed inside the pit of I believe apricots.  It has been found to target cancer cells, and kill them.  (note the dietary requirements at the bottom of this site’s page)

Heat therapy – this is the targeting of infrared heat, if I remember correctly, directly at cancer cells.  All healthy cells remain in tact, thus the person under this therapy remains healthy while undergoing treatment.

So here you have FOUR, count them, FOUR different ways to cure cancer at various stages.  YET!  Because they can’t necessarily be duplicated/copied by big pharma industry, they are not as well-studied by big pharma (at least, this is implied). … so big pharma, who also pays out for research in cancer, will not approve of these different methods that help people from all around the world. 

We have personally seen chemo kill (because it’s the chemo and radiation that kills, not necessarily the cancer itself) 1 young mom, and working on a 2nd all in the past 4 weeks.  When I ask about alternative treatments, it’s the ol’ “this is what the doctor recommended” stand-by. … why not think outside the box here and live a long life?  Why let drugs kill you slowly and make your life miserable?  These are things I do not understand.

The best way to cure cancer, is to live a lifestyle that prohibits it in the first place.  Raw, organic, juices every morning, freshly made with a good quality juicer.  Take your high-quality vitamins (yes they cost more,but that’s because the ingredients are purer), get a little bit of sun (it won’t kill you, contrary to popular belief), and if you don’t like the sun, take your extra vitamin D….  take your spirulina and chlorella pills to clean out the toxins while you sleep at night. … take your green tea extract and grape seed extract pill at night to clean out the toxins …. enjoy a nice sauna…   get rid of artificial colours, flavors, MSG, fake sugars, etc from your diet…   this is how you will beat cancer, and live a vibrant, energy-filled life.