My Nat is such a riot.  He is only 2 and yet, I think he is the craziest kid I’ve ever known.  Word to future parents: get the scoop on your beau BEFORE you have kids, because one will inevitably be just like him. … LOL  I thought our #2 was like his dad, but …   I was wrong.  #3 is WAY more so that I would have thought.

I could probably fill a book on #3’s antics.  He, in one 5-day period about a month ago, decided …

1) to empty the toilet… with his big brother’s jock cup

2) decided to give bear a bath. … in the toilet

3) somehow managed to sneak the cannister of baby formula off our tall center island… and empty it onto the entrance floor

This is just a typical week.  Some days I scold him somethin’ awful.. other days, I just shake my head and laugh. … I have no idea how such a little fella can be sooo sneaky.  One morning, about 6wks ago or so, my husband wakes up (this was when we still had a TV in our room) to #3 watching TV…  chowing down on a chicken bone. ..Now where did he get that chicken bone??  Well, it was one of those pre-cooked rotisserie type chickens you can buy in-store.. we had it for dinner one night, and it was left out on the counter overnight (as most food does around here)… Somehow, he managed (keep in mind, he’s just 2) to reach over the kitchen center island, grab the whole container of chicken, walk it up the stairs, by me (maybe this was in the 2mins I was changing #4s diaper?), and proceed to carry it into the bedroom… all without spilling…  You can imagine my husbands surprise when he hears the TV on.. .looks up, and sees this kid gnawing on a chicken bone and sees the other bones he’s nonchalantly tossed to the side after picking them clean. …  LOL

Such a character. … What can you do but laugh?

And #4?  OY, I think he’s going to be just like #3. … poor me, what did I do to deserve such wild children?  All I did was pray for patience….  and test my patience they do.. daily.. no, make that hourly. .. LOL … (And, for the record, I fail miserably most times) …