This was a gift to us, so I know I shouldn’t complain, but it wasn’t gifted with me in mind, but rather my husband. 

First of all, this stroller couldn’t possibly have been designed by a woman.  If it was, it wasn’t tested for pushing a toddler with one hand while holding an infant in the other. … if it was, it would have failed miserably.  This 3-wheeled stroller is NOT meant for a light stroll with one-hand control.. at all.  I thought maybe it was just me-I’ve never had a 3-wheeled stroller before, so maybe it was just me needing to get used to the way it moves. … Now I’m convinced it just isn’t meant for my lifestyle.  This is NOT the stroller you need for the occassional walk around the mall, or a walk along the greenspace trails.  This stroller is meant for a jogger… which isn’t me.

My 2nd beef with this stroller is the toddler/infant set up.  I have never seen such an awkward set-up in my life!!  According to the manufacturer, you are supposed to lay the infant flat under the toddler seat.  Now, if you see this stroller, and actually try this set up… you’ll see how dastardly awkward it is.  The only way you’re getting that infant in this position is to lay him/her in the seat, then attach the 2nd seat on top of it…  even then, there is mere inches (like 3-4 max) between the infant and the 2nd seat situated above.   If you have a baby like mine who hates to sleep on his back, this is so not going to work for you.  I was terrified the whole time I tried this set-up that my toddler was going to somehow squish my baby’s tummy.. that’s how close the 2nd seat is to this awkward infant/toddler set up.  So, I do what you’re not supposed to do with infants…  stick him in the back while the toddler sits in the main section.

Which brings me to my 3rd beef with this stroller:  The double set up.  This stroller is not meant for the average/shorter person with little arms.  I’m 5-7, and I find this set up terribly hard on my back when walking with this stroller, because the handle isn’t long enough to accommodate my arm-length (and I have long gangly arms).   Yes, the handle adjusts to a higher position, which helps, but you are still walking very awkwardly with the double set up… you have to lean into the stroller, not walk with a proper straight back posture.  Maybe if you’re above average height, you can comfortably walk around with this stroller around the park and mall.   

My 4th beef with this stroller: the storage. … Or should I say, lack thereof.  You can barely fit a diaper bag in the storage pocket, with just the single seat set up.  If you want the double set up, forget the storage, you’ll need that for the little one’s feet…and blanket.   My 8yr old Eddie Bauer is looking more and more enticing, regardless of whether the dog chewed the seat buckle when she was a puppy, it still functions, it has lots of storage space for a trip to the mall… it’s just not suave anymore. … *LOL* … and who knew a stroller could be suave?

My 5th beef with this stroller: the folding/unfolding …  the first time you fold it down, you have to wriggle the front wheel to make it fold flat. Forget folding it with the double seat–it just doesn’t work regardless of how closely you follow the manufacturer instructions. .. there’s no way the double seat folds under the single seat when you fold it down, so I take the double seat off and fold it with just the single seat. … the Unfolding is a real treat.  Not even my husband could get the button to depress the first time around.  We had to use a hammer and soft end of a screw driver to get the button to depress the first time. … and this button, by the way, is so NOT handy!…  On my Eddie Bauer, the button to fold/unfold the stroller is built into the handle so you can literally fold/unfold with one hand…   with the Phil and Ted’s?  There is no one-handed folding/unfolding of the stroller. … you have to take the stroller out, find the button, hope to God it depresses easily for you… Then you have to jerk the stroller up to lock it into place. …

This is just a poorly designed stroller.   Don’t get me wrong, with all the downfalls of this, I do like the stroller in general… but whomever designed this should be fired, or at least get input from people who actually use the strollers BEFORE putting it on the market.  And make sure the person testing it, tests it in ALL infant/toddler positions prior to marketing this product. … It would make life so much easier when it’s designed with the average person in mind, not just the 6ft tall model mom who jogs twice a day…