YAY.. the day most parents wait for… SCHOOL DAY 1. …  =)   I have to laugh because when we were kids, we never understood why our parents were so happy to have us back in school.   However, now that I have kids, I must say… I GET IT!  

The constant bickering, hitting, picking… it finally ends! .. well, for the most part.  The chaos of school and sports… it now begins.  We have one boy in basketball–Fri nights only; and one boy in hockey–3 days/wk, it looks like so far. …  thank goodness Canada has their $500 max for child sports credits, cuz we’ll need it this  year between lacrosse, basketball, hockey, swimming, skate lessons…  mostly to cover hockey, I must admit.   =)

The first week of school in our district is quite interesting.  Kids get jumbled throughout the day between teachers until the principal has final numbers and approved class sizes to allocate to teachers starting week #2.   The exception, of course, is kindergarten.  They have their teachers set already when school starts, which is a good thing.   However, I’ve already seen one girl get left by her mother, who only told her she’d be back, going into grade 1 (this was day #1 of school)…. today I saw a girl coming out of the washroom a bit weepy because she didn’t know where her class was and where she was supposed to be.. another grade 1 student.   So it’s very chaotic for these younger ones, which the district is doing their best to make it easier on them, but the teachers also need to be more accountable for all of their students, not just 99% of them during the first week.   I felt so bad for both little girls this week.  The teachers are great when they realize where the kids are supposed to be, don’t get me wrong, but a quick student count as they file into the common meeting area during week one needs to be a bit better.

Now, I must say, I am already thoroughly enjoying the first few days of full-time older two in school.  Nice, quiet, the monkey and me get to do what we need to do (such as groceries) w/o the constant badgering of each other that brothers like to do…. well, siblings in general, I should say.   However, that will all change when this new one arrives sometime in the next week… then chaos strikes again!  What did I get myself into?  *LOL*   Hockey, basketball, new baby, wild little 18mth old (but cute), and swimming…  most of it I’ll be truckin’ kids to, but some of it daddy gets to do (yay). 

Anyhow, so with the end of a mildly non-dramatic summer.. comes the start of an ever so chaotic, but in a good way, school year!  AND… the challenges of finding snacks that are good for them, and they won’t get bored of after the first week. … 

I am working on getting back into more vegetarian style dishes… which aren’t always so time-conscious, but still delish! …  Last week, I made a really yummy broccoli and mush pizza, and tried this pear & pork stir fry… both were quite tasty… but the stir fry dinner took me an hr to make… when I was tired, I shoulda opted for spaghetti, but I wanted to try something new. … and besides, the leftovers made a great snack for dinner two nights later.  BUT, I still have avocado pasta, fried cheese rolls, and …. i forget the last dish I had on my week’s menu… to try my luck at.   =)  Gotta love magazines like Vegetarian Times for including yummy dishes with even the pickiest veggie eaters in mind.