I mentioned in a prior post that I was going to try this organic sunscreen by Soleo Organics.  Well, I got this great little travel-sized tube complete with the key ring clip.  Great for clipping to your belt loop, purse strap, key ring, whatever.  So how did it go??

LOVE IT!!  A little goes a long way.  I put some on the boys in the morning before summer session, as they go outside quite often on the nicer days.  In the afternoon, I meant to reapply, but didn’t, and they were outside for a good 2hrs that afternoon.  NO BURN!  I’m so impressed.  If either of the two are going to burn, it’ll be my little blondie (the 2nd born).  He didn’t even get the slightest pinkness.   Which is awesome, since he just got over a burn from that weekend on his upper arms and slight on his front thighs.   AND, I put some on our #3 son, who is also fair-haired

The best part? I know that this is a good product.  It isn’t going to seep into my children’s skin and cause changes in their DNA (unlike the majority of sunscreens, and make up for that matter, with nano-sized zinc oxide and/or titanium oxide)… it doesn’t have Vitamin A or it’s derivatives–which actually do more damage to the skin once it is exposed to the sun… it doesn’t have toxic benezone (or whatever it’s called) or any of it’s chemical relatives that increase the risk of skin cancer.  .. Just plant oils and micronized zinc.   This is how it SHOULD be.  Especially if you aren’t a big eater of the antioxidant fruits. 

As for me?  I’m still testing the antioxidant theory.  So far, so good. …  I was out in the sun for an hour this afternoon mowing lawn; nothin’ to say but tan. …  So, I’m starting to think that this whole eat your antioxidant-rich foods theory is quite true.  Not that I don’t trust the Health Ranger–he’s got some amazing info on health issues–but I’m a skeptic by nature, as most of us are.   So YAY…Chalk one up for Mr Adams — he seems totally bang-on with high antixodant intake = natural sunscreen.