I have nothing against these different religions.   Seriously.  I just think that some of these should be exposed for the farce that they are.  This one will ruffle more than a few feathers, I’m sure. *LOL*

The Catholics.  They are some seriously devoted people–especially the Othodox.  However there are a few things they do which aren’t really Biblical.   The Catholic religion as a whole has some serious misguided notions and rules. 

1) Priests are not allowed to marry.  Now where on earth does it say in the Bible that a preacher can NOT be married?  In fact, the Bible tells us that if a church leader should be married, that’s his choice.  Even under 1 Timothy 4, the qualifications of Bishop and Deacon state that these church leaders must be upstanding brethren both in the community as well as in the household.  They are allowed to be married to only ONE wife.   THEY ARE ALLOWED TO BE MARRIED.  So, where Catholic leaders get the whole  “a priest is never to marry” rule is beyond me.  It’s not Biblical.  And you wonder why there are so many problems in that religion with priests molesting  young children.  — Because their own church body does not allow them to satisfy their natural longings for a woman’s companionship.  So, they abuse their power as a priest and prey upon the poor innocent children evidently thinking this is a loophole in the Catholic rule.

2) the pope — This is a self-appointed title obviously started with the very first pope.  Nowhere in the Bible is “pope” or “supreme leader on earth” mentioned.  The only church leadership “titles” that are mentioned are bishops and deacons (elders).   These are the designations, in my opinion, that depict the respect they have for their wisdom.  Did Paul call himself the pope??  No, he most certainly did not, although he was the main leader within the church.  Paul was a very humbled man with a rough beginning.  I don’t think Paul is even mentioned in connection with any title, other than as a teacher of God’s wisdom, which he admitted is a bigger burden than being a leader of a congregation, in the respect that what he teaches must be correct.  If he decided to NOT teach what God wanted him to teach, then he would have condemned not only himself, but his entire congregation of followers.   That is quite the high-pressure role, no?

3) the extra books outside the Bible… The Catholics have some sort of “for our eyes only” appendices to the Bible.  I forget what books these are, or what they are called, but they believe that there is more to the Bible than what we see in the Bible.  This isn’t too far from what the Mormons think, as well.  (We’ll save Mormon for a whole other blog.)  If there were more books to be revealed to us, I’m sure the angels would have shown John in Revelation..or even in the books of John.  I am quite skeptical that any books exist outside the Bible as we all know it.  Could other disciples have penned their own thoughts?  Well of course.  Just as i “pen” my own thoughts in a journal, but that doesn’t mean that they were meant to be publicized as addendums to the Bible.  In fact, I don’t know that any of these addendums translate into “read this in addition to the Bible”… If there were other books to be read outside the inerrant word of God… I think they would have been part of the original works, not mere addendums.

3) Idolatry… Now most of us know that the Catholics worship Mary the mother of Jesus as if she is a goddess.  They pray to her, they have large statues of her in their churches, they even “hail mary” as part of their repentence of sins.  How is this NOT idolatry?  Yes, there is no doubt that the mother of Jesus has a very important role as being the earth mother to a heavenly being.  This is just wild.  I can’t even begin to imagine what must have gone through her mind when she conceived Jesus through the Holy Spirit.  How would you react if God’s spirit visited you and said, oh by the way, you’re now carrying my heavenly son?  Wouldn’t that just be crazy?  Anyhow, so yes, Mary is an important person in Jesus earthly life, however to make images of her and worship her like a goddess is IDOLATRY.   How can they not see it??  I don’t know, I do suppose a blind eye is turned.  The church leaders must be right, right?  Ei-yi-yi… 

The Catholics have all kinds of saints they worship, too.  St Michael, St Peter, St Paul.. etc etc etc…  I don’t know how many of them, or even if I got any of them right, but they worship saints.  They worship people.  Is that not what idolatry is?  To worship someone or something outside of our Lord?  Did God not tell us in the 10 Commandments that we should have NO other god before him?  That we should NOT make unto thee any graven images?  Aren’t those the first 2 commandments that the Catholics have broken?  Yikes! Are they in some serious trouble. 

And where in the Bible does it tell us that this fictional character called the pope has the authority to ordain humans as saints?  I mean, seriously? I’d like to know where they got this idea.  Again, they are worshipping characters that are NOT God.   They are committing modern-day idolatry.  Idolatry is idolatry, no matter what day and age you live in.  If you’re praying to saints, if you’re praying to Mary, then you are in some serious trouble when your judgement day arrives.  I would hate to be in your shoes getting scolded by God for committing such horrid sins.  All I can say is, you better repent and learn what is right by God, not by the self-appointed god the pope. 

4) Money.. corruption  The Catholic church, from what I understand and it may not be true, I’m not sure, makes you literally pay for repentance.  As in $$$.  They are a very corrupt church body.   They have such a checkered past.  Their leaders stood with Hitler during the World War, instead of condemning his actions against the Jews.  The Catholic church has bishops involved in evil aspects of hierarchy within kingdoms–as advisors to the kings on matters of politics.  As money-launders and extortionists, really, in the Renaissance era.  They ran the kingdoms more so than I think the kings and queens did of that time.  The Catholic church has a power-hungry (greed) past that I don’t know has ever really stopped.   

The Bible tells us that money is the root of all evil.  The Catholic church certainly has conned enough of it from its religiously blind followers.  Now, granted, in the Renaissance era, there were very few Bibles in print, and the ones that were had to be approved by the Catholic church in order to be admitted into a parish’s library, from what I understand (and I could be wrong on that).  In fact, the early Catholic church insisted that the Bibles be in Latin so the parishoners would not be able to understand it, only the priests.  (I think a lot of Catholic churches still hold services in Latin.)  Why? The real reason?  Because if the parishoners knew what was in the Bible, they could turn away from the Catholic leaders who were preaching the Bible incorrectly.  Who were preaching lies about God.  For shame!  And they wonder why their church body is in such disrepair?  Who says Satan can’t enter the church…as long as the church is misrepresenting God, Satan can enter the church as he pleases.  A sanctuary is only a true sanctuary when God is fully and correctly represented.  Only then will evil not be able to pass.


So there you have it.  My main issues with the Catholic church as a whole, and their leadership.