Now this will peeve some people… this will make some people think.. and it will make some people wonder about their choice of religion.  First let me start by saying, NO, I’m not a trained seminarian, but I know what I know, and I understand what I understand.

The Bible is the ultimate book of greed, deception, and a great big cheer for the good guys.  The problem is when you are younger and  you “read” the Bible, really it’s just skimming over basic information that makes zero sense to you at the time.  Your struggles to understand the underlying meanings of chapters upon chapters of what seems like the same message… is fruitless.  BUT, as you get older and somewhat wiser, you go back to the Bible with a different look on life.  You begin, with the help of God’s Holy Spirit, to actually understand what is in this book of what used to be meaningless words. 

For me, it came about when my curiosity about the Jehovah’s Witnesses came in to fruition.  I studied with them for a year or just under, and got to understand not only the Bible better, but how their organization works better.  I could do a whole other blog on the JWs, and maybe some day I will, but for now, I’ll try to keep this down to an interesting point on homosexual relationships. 

If you read Romans chapter 1–the entire chapter, not just bits and pieces,  you will see the reason that there is homosexuality in the world: because man did not give proper due to God. RSV Romans 1:25because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator..”  Because ancient civilizations chose to worship idols instead of the one true God, God punished society.  In verses 26 & 27, you will read that men and women began to have unnatural relations-men with men, women with women.   So homosexuality is not “in the genes”, as so many people will say, but rather a sinful act that was the result of idol worshipping back in ancient days.

Now this brings me to another point: A true church can not advocate or approve of same-sex relations because it goes against the Bible’s teachings.  To approve of an act that resulted from man’s idol worshipping is like saying it is OK to worship idols.  We all know it isn’t.  Some of us still do (Catholics worship Mary, worship the Pope, which is a self-appointed title, not one the Bible actually teaches, they worship saints) thinking that it is OK because the church leaders do it. 

So, for all of those who say “She’s a homophobe” I say “You don’t know me, so don’t judge me.”  Each person has the freedom to choose whatever lifestyle suits their fancy.  All I am saying is that same-sex relationships are not Biblical.  They are not “in your genes”.  They are “unnatural”, as the RSV calls it.  Homosexuality is the result of idol-worshipping by our ancient ancestors.  It is an act of sin to pay for a sinful act–an act that is prohibited by the Ten Commandments “Thou shall have no other gods before me.”   This is not me saying that it is bad, the Bible is God’s undisputable word.  What’s in the Bible is God’s words, not mine. 

If God says that these relationships are unnatural, a result of great sins and therefore a sinful act… then who am I to argue?  Would you want to stand before God and argue to Him that what’s in the Bible is irrelevant to the current times?  Do you want to stand before God and explain to Him that scientists discovered a gene mutation that causes homosexuality?  If you do, have fun.  Don’t be surprised if you get directed to the Bible to read and re-read Romans chapter 1 before you come back to Him for debate.