Now, I must admit, my normal due diligence in product label reading was slack the day I bought this aloe vera gel.  We were going away for the weekend, and i knew one of us would get burned to some degree.  I saw the whole 99% certified organic ingredients seal on the front, and thought–cool, something good for me.

Well, now this is why I emphasize READ THE INGREDIENTS ON THE LABEL.  I was looking out of curiosity at some of the ingredients on the label.  The ONLY certified organic ingredient? Aloe Vera.  The rest of the ingredients?  Let me list them for you: PEG 33, PEG 8, PEG 14, Acrylates C10-20 Alkyl Acrylate cross-polymer, Disodium EDTA,  Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, soduim hydroxide.  Now, this doesn’t sound all that organic, now does it?   What exactly do these other nasty chemicals mean??

All the PEG groups are cancer-causing agents with 1,4 dioxane.  Disodium EDTA is a toxic chemical that is used in products to get the product to penetrate the skin.  Phenoyxethanol (as in 2-phenoxyethanol) is a chemical that comes with the warning harmful if swallowed and may cause reproductive  defects.  Sodium hydroxide?  LYE, the same lye you use to clean the drains.  The other two chemicals I haven’t found too much bad on…but still, Glycol in general is a 1,4 dioxane laced additive, so Im guessing that caprylyl glycol can’t be all that good for you.  As for Acrylates?  Not sure on that one either… I only found it as a non-harmful ingredient with EWGs site… but i still wouldn’t trust a chemical I can’t find a lot of info on, other than it is contained in all kinds of different products. 

So, Lily of the Desert, you organic scammer you, I just wasted i don’t know how much on this product only to find that it has cancer-causing agents in it… not so organic, now is it?  Again, this goes back to the old “buyer beware” saying.  So many companies are jumping on the “organic” and “natural” market, it’s hard to find a product that is what it says it is…  My bad for not looking for the USDA cert organic seal.  This seal guarantees that there are no cancer-causing agents in the product.