Aaahhh, yes… the yummy yummy taste of milk directly from the tank, prior to being offloaded into the milk truck and brought to the creamery brings back memories. ….  =)  so why is there such a government haste to ban this stuff?

Raw milk is what our ancestors drank.  It has good bacteria, a healthy fat content, and if it’s certified organic, then it’s NOT filled with infection pus off cow teets, antibiotics, growth hormones, and all sorts of other stuff we don’t want to know about.   Raw milk used to be delivered in glass bottles to your ancestor’s home–thus the whole joke surrounding your child being the milk-man’s….   It wasn’t until the early 1900s (thinking 1940s if memory serves me correctly–which, being pregnant, isn’t such a sure thing) that Louis Pasteur created this process to kill all the bacteria in milk and prolonging it’s shelf life for the local grocery store–pasteurization.  Homogenization works much in the same way–kills the good bacteria and bad altogether. 

So why on earth would the FDA/USDA and whomever else is involved, recommend that raw milk be banned from sale by your mom-n-pop farmers who want to give their customer’s a choice of fresh milk vs milk thats essentially bad for you as it’s a “dead” products? It’s not like the people buying the milk dont’ know it’s raw.  They buy it BECAUSE it is raw.  Because it is free from all that junk that goes into that glass of homo/pasteurized milk you just poured for your kid, or put into his cereal.   So, really, what’s the big deal? 

USDA.  This constant vicious circle of corruption within the US government is very frustrating.  The more you read, the more you aren’t sure you want to know.  Anyhow, so the USDA from what I understand, is pushing along with the FDA, to get rid of raw milk altogether.  To put these little mom-n-pop farms out of a portion of business because they are meeting customer’s demands.  They aren’t caving to the “goodness” of killing all bacteria, good or bad, just to have a product with little taste and long shelf life.   They are providing their clientele with a wholesome, good product and decreasing sales of nasty stuff you find on the shelves.  These mom-n-pop farms are taking away a small piece of dairy conglomerate profit.  And that’s bad in USDA eyes. 

So, already, states such as WI have decided it is in the best interest of the consumers to NOT have raw milk as an option.  Somehow, USDA and FDA bedded with the state governance to scare them into passing a law that bans the sale of raw milk.  Seriously??  Yes.  All these ads that say raw milk is disease-filled and will make your kids sick… these are sponsored by the USDA, I’m sure.  These are FALSE accusations on a totally healthy product.  The truly disease-filled milk is what you just bought in the store.  This “dead” version of an otherwise healthy alternative .  If our ancestors lived off it, if our Biblical ancestors used it, how can raw milk be bad?

It is through human intervention on God’s creation that brought about the killing of an otherwise live, healthy product.  A pattern that is continually repeated throughout  history–we try to “better” our food by creating ways to kill the nutrients provided by it. .. How ironic is that?  So all you raw milk drinkers… KUDOS to your health!  To all those who are pulled into the whole “raw milk will cause illness” scare tactics, do some more research into raw milk before you believe what you hear.  And remember who, exactly, is behind these scare tactics to get you to keep buying the by-product of diseased animals…because we mothers know that any medicines we take go direcctly into our breastmilk ((which is why lactating mothers are told NOT to take medications.. at all)).  So think about that the next time you pick up a carton of milk.

As for “organic” milk?? Well, not all companies practice good “organic” processes.  Even cows who eat “organic” only on the day of milking can produce a product called “organic milk”.  So it’s a buyer-beware, do your rearch world we live in.  Thank goodness for the human invention of the internet, and the ability to research immensely on the internet.