Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love this product…but it has it’s limitations. 

Orange TKO was created by a retired Canadian Environmental Lawyer who was looking to find an alternative to today’s conventional cleaners.  Something that is truly an all-purpose cleaner, but concentrated so you can dilute only the amount you need, therefore, very little goes to waste.  So he did his research and created Orange TKO, which has orange peel and a natural chemical called, limonene, I believe it is, which is found in citrusy type fruits such as lemons.  And because it’s biodegradable and totally easy on the earth, you can wash your car with it and not feel guilty that it’s going into the fish habitat drain.

So, this brings me to my review.  Now, I was a skeptic, but open-minded about such an all-purpose product and how well it will actually clean.  Let me tell ya, this stuff does wonders on your car, and especially the brake dust on the rims.  My main purpose, though, was to find a truly remarkable stain-remover for my laundry.  Let’s face it, washing clothes 2,3,4x to get out the same stupid stain is terribly frustrating, and this stain has already been sprayed with stuff like spray n wash, baby oxy clean, shout, and I don’t remember how many other brands.  What is this stain?  It’s just from using liquid soap in the laundry-and yes, i do mix the liquid soap into the water prior to putting in my clothes. …   and various grease/baby formula stains on the rest of the clothes in the house… and all that dirt/grass stains from having a house full of boys.  =)  

So, back to my laundering. … I was anxious to try this for laundry stains… and I admit I am extremely disappointed.  I used Orange TKO in 2 different concentrations–a light mix as well as a heavy mix.  Neither worked on these basic stains.  I was still having to re-wash those shirts that have formula spilled on them, and the shirts with grease spots (not mechanic type grease, more like potato chip grease), and the shirts with liquid soap stains that you actually have to use stain remover to remove (how dumb, no?).  A terribly inefficient way to do laundry, for sure.  Nothin’ makes a mom more frustrated than having to wash, rewash, and rewash clothes that she needs to wear for the week.  GR…

So what would I use Orange TKO for?  It lists a ton of great uses on its website as well as its product label.  However, definitely most useful for grease.. .. I’ve seen the brilliance of my rims after an Orange TKO bath… better than new… and so I would recommend this for any mechanic to clean off the spark plugs, clean off the brake pads, whatever else needs to be degreased.  This stuff is so NOT hazardous, it’s great!  AND it will leave your shop smelling citrusy clean =)  

As for around the house?  Although I do love the citrus smell of Orange TKO, it can be a bit overpowering even in weak dilutions.   If you hate the smell of oranges, you definitely would not like this product.  I haven’t used it for cleaning floors, windows, mirrors, or anything like that so I can’t honestly tell you how effective it is in those respects.  I’ll  have to just try it and save that for an update later.