Oooh the stuff you would find in a can of formula….and most, if not all, chemically created.  This is why it is sooo important that a mom breast-feed her child–or just pump it if you would rather bottle feed (I mixed–a bit of breastmilk fresh, some pumped for storage when I felt like going out for the day).

Baby formula is so not healthy, it’s not funny.  I’ll give you an example: Alsoy 2 infant formula.  Now, I hate using any other brand outside Baby Organics, but I cave as I don’t always feel like paying import fees, and I don’t get the the US often enough to avoid them.  So the first 5 ingredients in Alsoy 2??  1) corn maltodextrin — a refined carb that has a high glycemic index, it’s a sweetener;  2) soy protein isolate – toxic chemical hexane used to process the soy to make the soy protein.. not to mention that ove 90% of soy in the US is genetically engineered, again, bad for you.  (hexane will be explained shortly)   3) sucrose – refined Sugar    4) palm olein –a trans-fat alternative, also associated with hexane extraction process   5) soybean oil – again, hexane extraction process .  So what we have, based on the first 5 ingredients, is a whole lot of chemical crap spiked with sugar to make it taste good.  What really bothers me the most, is that this is for INFANTS????   You are giving your child a whole whack of chemicals laced with sweeteners to hide the badness, and some vitamins/minerals mixed in? ??   And people wonder why there is such a high incidence of children’s diabetes and obesity?  They are given nasty fake milk to supplement/replace healthy mother’s milk. …

So, my favorite formula is BABY’S ONLY ORGANIC brand.   Their formula is NOT made with hexane extraction processes; does not contain the hexane extracted “Life’s DHA” that most formulas contain; and comes in both milk, lactose-free, and soy versions…..and is organic.   A formula that is actually good for baby, well, of course nothing beats breast milk, but this would come a whole lot closer than Isomil, Enfamil, Similac, Nestle, etc. …   The only down side is that the formula in Baby’s Only Organic comes in cans half the size of the conventional shelf size.  BUT when you pay $10 and change / can… 2 cans / wk on average.. you’re still only paying $20US/week in formula. … Which is pretty good for a good quality organic brand. You can find this brand in organic food markets across the country, but not in every market.  You’ll have to search the website  to find the nearest location to you.  Also, they have amazing products for kids (vitamin shake type stuff, DHA, electrolytes, to name a few).  Again, you’ll have to check out their site to see all of their products, but they are primarily an infant formula company.

Now, if you’re into goats milk, which is definitely way better for you than cow’s milk, there is a company called Genesis Organics that sells goat-milk based formula. is their website.  I personallly haven’t checked them out–I didn’t realize they existed until I was doing some basic research for this blog.  However, definitely another alternative to cow’s milk formulas.   Especially considering that cow’s milk is laced with antibiotics and such, then all the good stuff is zapped out during homogenization and pasteurization..but that’s another blog =)  A great alternative as goat’s milk is remarkably similar to human breastmilk, without all the nastiness of cow’s milk.  So definitely worth checking in to!

So, next time you pick up that can of formula, you know the big-name brands, check the ingredients. . I bet it has sugar, or some form of sweetener in it.  I’ve even seen sucralose in infant formulas!  UGH!  Profit definitely takes precedence over human health on all spectrums.  

Products such as Pedialyte, and generic infant electrolytes, contain sucralose, aspertame, or both. … so poisoning your child who is already sick is a good thing??   Ei-yi-yi …  what a messed up world we live in, hey?