So summer school… when we grew up, summer school was for those who fell behind during the regular school year and needed to make up that extra time lost due to skipping out for this or that reason. .. or who just weren’t doing well enough to pass without it.  So, when the neighbor kid tells my boys that “only babies go to summer school”, and they both come back mad and unwilling to play with him, I think–good.   Because summer class for them is FUN!! 

They go to a Montessori school from age 3-6.  The most amazing Montessori class ever! … Anyhow, so they have a July session that runs 830-1230 M-F during July. … What do they do?  Science experiments, nature walks, sports, some days they go to the nearby waterpark…and they do in-class learning about the world and the environment.  A really great class to keep their minds working and to keep them interested in learning. 

Let’s face it, i’m not a home-school teacher, and major kudos to those parents who are.  So for me to sit with them and have them do “schoolwork” while on summer vacation just isn’t my thing. … I do find them a workbook that is skill-appropriate (because they are ahead of their grade level in most aspects–this is hugely thanks to the Montessori).  They can work through it at their own pace.  Although, I am now thinking of making it a weekly assignment thing to keep their minds fresh, especially once they are done with the July session. 

They both have things to work on with their report cards — my older needs to stop mumbling like mommy when he speaks… and my 2nd needs to work on his printing.  So, these are easy things to work on. .. And we are lucky enough to have a large city lot so they have a good backyard to play sports in… and the cul-de-sac to play with the neighborhood kids… and a playground nearby they can walk with me/bike to on the cooler summer days.  Honestly, me being this pregnant through the summer… heat, which I normally can’t get enough of, is too much.  Little bun in the oven produces enough heat for the two of us *LOL*.

So when your kid comes home because the neighbor kid feels like picking on him… roll with it. Our boys usually last 15mins before they are home complaining about this particular child.  And it’s not so much that this child is a bad kid, he is a good kid when he wants to be, but he just enjoys being mean, so in our house the rule is: if one comes home, they both come home, and they don’t play with this child for 3 days.   It’s not meant to punish our kids, but rather to make the other understand that if he wants to play with our boys, he needs to be nice to them.  How many kids borderline-bully their friends?  Maybe it’s a boy thing?  I don’t know, but I was never friends with girls who were like that.  Then again, maybe being more tomboy than girlie girl, I didn’t see that part of chic behaviour much. 

Now, I do feel for those parents.  They are super nice people, but their kids could use a swat to the bum now and then for lack of respect.  It really irks me when kids have such little respect for parents.  Partly, that is the parents for not instilling that into their child from a young age.  So now, even though this child is 6, he and his sister consistently disrespect their mom in front of others.  And it’s actually uncomfortable to witness, and I’m sure even more so for the parents to be spoken to like that.  They do it more to the mom than the dad, and I get that too.  Our boys have learned selective hearing from a very young age–I see it in our 16mth old *L* … BUT, we also taught them to be respectful and polite… These are things they learn inside the home.  You can’t learn that from TV, you can’t learn that at the movie theatre, it has to come from inside the home.

This leads me to another topic I’ll cover later when I have more time: parenting styles.  =)