OK, first things first… these headings will be items of controversy, and will likely get comments from both sides of the fence.  That’s totally what blogging is about–freedom to express your opinion on topics of interest to the blogger… so, here goes nothin’!

First topic for me: VACCINES

I know there are many many doctors who will spew out pharmaceutical jargon and reasons why you SHOULD get vaccines–the whole scare tactic of “if you don’t, you’ll get others sick with your disease”…  What a load of crap!  I will give you a  very interesting point:  Back in March, I believe it was, of this year there was a large measles outbreak in New Jersey/New York.  There was a rush to get kids vaccinated with their measles because of this.  But what you may not know?  70% of those who were infected were PREVIOUSLY VACCINATED.  The vaccine was ineffective.   That means MORE vaccinated children contracted the measles than those who were NOT vaccinated in that particular outbreak. …  Still think vaccines are effective??

A second case in point: the big kerfluffle on the flu vaccine–seasonal AND H1N1 (which, btw, is now going to be combined in this year’s seasonal flu with 3 other strains).   Did you know that the group most recommended for these vaccines–children, pregnant women, elderly–are the ones with the most compromised immune systems??  The weakest immune systems??   So why would you recommend a shot for someone who already has a weakened immune system, just to weaken them even more?  I’ll tell you why:  MONEY.  

This may or may not surprise you:  40M flu vaccines are expired and being set up for the incinerator.  Another 30M, if I remember correctly, are soon to be expired so are being shipped to poor African nations “out of the kindess of our hearts”…  Who do you think paid for these vaccines?  The taxpayers. .. Your money gets burned because these flu vaccines are terribly ineffecctive.  There is no data to show that these vaccines PREVENT you from getting the flu, only LESSEN the effects of the flu.  So what is the point of getting vaccinated for the flu?  There isn’t.. … 

Did you know that Vit D3 has been shown to be MORE EFFECTIVE to fight off the flu than any flu vaccine?  And is this fact broadcast to the masses?? No.  Why?  MONEY.  If you buy vitamins, you won’t be wasting your hard-earned money on pharmaceutical company products.

Back to vaccines in general.  There’s a fantastic website by WAVE found at www.novaccine.com that lists every ingredient used in vaccines.  You can search by any particular vaccine.  What you’ll find may surprise  you.  The same vaccines that doctors push you to injecct yourself with are loaded with any combination of toxic solvents, carcinogenic “preservatives”, and very little of the actual virus.  Mainly fillers.  Go ahead, look if you dare.  It’s an interesting site, for sure! 

Now, those of us who are against vaccines aren’t against the idea behind the vaccine–to prevent disease, but rather the chemicals laced inside each vaccine that is supposed to be good for you.  Have you ever thought about why cancer is so prevalent these days?  Think about it–I wouldn’t be too awfully suprised if the increase in cancers is linked to the increased push to vaccinate and poison our children.  Think about all the people you know who are cancer suvivors, living with cancer, or passed from cancer.  How many of them were regularly vaccinated, as per doctor’s schedule of vaccinations, as children?   It’s sad to see so many people affected by a disease that is so needlessly spreading like wildfire.  

Back to vaccines, again, as you can see I’m easily sidetracked *LOL* .  Think about this one: Why do you still need a polio vaccine? how many people do you know with polio?  My great-grandma had polio in the days when polio was rampant among the young.  I read somewhere, sorry I don’t remember where off-hand, that when the polio vaccine was invented, there was another doctor who was treating polio patients with therapeutic doses of Vit C.  Yes, this was just as effective as the vaccine, but as in today’s world, because it’s new and shiney, it must be good, so the polio vaccine was pushed on parents for their children.  I imagine it was the same tactics used today. 

This one I love:  chicken pox vaccine. .. Seriously??  Chicken pox??  When we were young, you know, in the late 70s/early 80s, you had chicken pox, all the kids in the family contracted chicken pox… and some parents would invite kids over to get their immunity naturally. … like God intended. …  Why NOT get vaccinated?  Because it DOES NOT PREVENT chicken pox.  It only LESSENS the effect of chicken pox.  I know 2 parents, who this year alone, their children contracted chicken pox… and they were children who received the vaccine. …  So why inject yourself with an ineffective vial of junk??   Why let yourself be guilted into “necessary” vaccine schedules by people who are getting kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies?   ((the whole vicious circle if ridiculousnes is a whole other blog!)) 

Something interesting that I read this week on my favorite independent news site www.naturalnews.com notes that not only are the CDC, FDA, WHO all in one lovely little threesome, but the CDC has such wonky statistics, it’s a wonder anyone can sort through them to find the truth behind deaths related to the flu, in particular, because pneumonia and flu are categorized into one statistic.  How inaccurate is that to begin with?  Terribly… something like 80 or 90% inaccurate. … yet these numbers are what you hear on the news time and time again.  You MUST read the article “Flu vaccines, pharma fraud, quack science, the CDC and WHO..”  what a fantastic article on the flu vaccine in particular.

Many of you out there will likely think to yourself that I make all this up, there’s no way a doctor would recommend something that is NOT good for you…   REALLY??  huh.  I find that to be a terribly interesting thought, thank you for thinking it. =)   …

Some of you will think “kudos to goorganicmom” and agree with what I say. .. The piece of the puzzle mssing, however, is diet.  I’m not talking about the South Beach… or Atkins,… I’m talking about the American Diet — lots of fast food, lots of sodium / salt, lots of refined sugar, lots of caffeine.   The Junk Diet, I call it, because ;you’re filling your body with so much junk.  This type of diet weakens the immune system to start with, and the chemicals inside that burger you just ate for dinner from McD’s is loaded with animal antibiotics and who knows what other chemicals that are carcinogenic and/or toxic to your body.  

The missing puzzle piece is this: eating healthy.. eating organic… getting your vitamins and minerals, your Omegas (3&6), your D3.. and for some of us women extra iron and calcium-magnesium. … i don’t mean the stuff you get off Wal Mart shelf.. like Centrum.. or stuff you get branded GNC…  i mean do your research and find out the good quality brands (like Vitamin Code, for instance).  The higher priced vitamins will set you back a pretty shiney new penny, but they are also made with better quality ingredients, and have better manufacturing/processing practices.   All vitamins claim to be the best of the best, the creme de la creme, but for a truly good for you vitamin brand, you have to really dig deep.   You have to ask them and  yourself the tough questions: are the ingredients earthly?  Are they synthesized in the lab?  What is the process for extraction of these vitamins/minerals?  Is it via toxic solvents such as hexane?  Is it more plant-based? If it’s plant-based, is it an organic farm? .. Where, exactly, are the ingredients sourced out from?    You really learn to read labels when you start your research.   Be leary of company-tested vitamins… you want a 3rd party, independent verification of the quality/efficacy of the ingredients in your vitamin–which sounds silly, but trust me… it’s not. 

As an ending thought about vaccines, before I got sidetracked into my healthy eating soapbox, I have a friend from high school who has never been immunized, whose parents have never been immunized, and whose children are not immunized.  Now, skeptics will say they must be sick all the tiem, right?  Nope.  They are the healthiest people I know.  Part of it is they use homeopathic/natural remedies for ailments… and part of it is their diet–they are very mindful of what they put into their bodies. … 

One more thing about vaccines:  Did people in Biblical times live 200,300,900  years because they were vaccinated???  They used plants and flowers for their medicine… and lived off land that was nutrient-rich, not laced with chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and medicinal left-overs flushed down the drain or tossed in the garbage.  They understood their place on earth was to care for the land, not to inundate the land with gene-altering junk for their children, their children’s children, to suffer the consequences of later in life.