Men, I’m sorry, but we ladies HATE shaving.  That winter fur?  Our way of protesting having to shave every week (or more often if you razor) during the summer just to have beautiful tan legs….  This brings me to my favorite shaving product: Smooth Away.

Now I used to use the Veet cream, but it only works if you’ve been growing some insulation during the winter months.  It doesn’t work so well when you need to shave every 3-5days… and it smells awful, no matter how much fragrance they put into it.  I would use Veet, because I absolutely HATE razors, but would still find myself having to razor afterwards.  Talk about waste of money. 

Then I saw the commercials for Smooth Away.  I’m thinkin – there’s no way on earth that shaving can be painless and effective, both at the same time.  BUT, getting tired of razoring over my knee caps 5x and still seeing all those lovely stray hairs (not to mention the streak on the shin bone that  I know I razored over 3x), I decided it was time for some seriously new way of thinking.  What’s to lose?  $20?  I spend that on razor blades, alone, each month so why not. 

Let me tell you, I am completely impressed.  Not only does it actually work, and in roughly the same time it takes to use the creams, but talk about baby smooth legs. My legs, and I’ve been using Smooth Away for 3-4 mths, are baby bottom smooth.  This product does exactly as the commercial says–exfoliates the skin while painlessly shaving.  I have crazy skin.  I was always fighting ingrown hairs with the razor and cream.  Now?  It’s very rare I get ingrown hair on my legs.  This is an awesome product!  AND I only have to shave once a week. … seriously! … so that $20 investment has been a great buy for me, personally.