Now i’m not talking about being “juiced”, as my brother would say pertaining to the weight lifting circuit, but a fabulous way to get your vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants — freshly processed juice.  No killing of the good stuff via pasteurization and homogenization.  Just pure, wholesome, organic goodness.

My juicer?  The ever-impressive and soooo user-friendly HUROM juicer.  This will set you back about $360US, but your kids will love it.   If you have kids who are terribly picky about fruit–this is perfect.  They choose their favorite fruits, combine them (or not), and with adult supervision, of course, they get to create their very own concoction of wholesome goodness.

I used to spend, easily, $30 a week on juice alone, nevermind the usual stock of fruits and veggies.  That adds up, and it’s really hard to find juice on the shelf that is actually good for you, as I believe all juices on the store shelves are pasteurized, killing all the stuff in the juice that is good for you.  Now?? I spend $50 a week on fresh fruit and vegetables… and let the juicer do the talking.  The juice you get from this juicer in particular is simply divine!  You will have a very hard time going back to store-bought, trust me on this one.    I have only been using the Hurom for 2mths, and that’s … roughly $240 saved on store-bought juice.  The juicer is darn near paid for in those savings alone. 

The great thing about my Hurom?  It is not only one of the top-rated juicers on the market, but it’s so safe to use and easy to clean.  Why is it rated so high?  Because it extracts the most nutrients from the fruit, and with minimal fruit necessary.  I’ll give you an example.  I buy 6-8  Texas grapefruit from a local market each week for my husband.  These make 6c of fresh grapefruit juice–a little more depending upon the size of the grapefruit.  Sometimes I mix in an orange for a little extra Vit C…. and keep the pitcher in the fridge for him for the week.   He takes some to work with him in the mornings to drink with his morning snack–muffin, banana, whatever he picks up along the way because I didn’t feel like baking in the morning. =) 

For myself and my 16mth old?  Strawberries, some frozen cranberries (thawed), sometimes a handful of raspberries or blackberries for that extra kick, and kiwi.  (Strawberries and kiwi, btw, are just loaded with nutrients on their own.  A serious juicing powerhouse together.)  Usually a 2lb clamshell, 1 kiwi, and the rest of the ingredients makes us 2-3c of juice (more like fruit smoothie) which lasts us 3 days or so, depending upon how much of it I drink during the week.  He absolutely loves the strawberry juice, and its so good for you, how can you say no?

My boys?  They mix and match fruit to suit their weekly flow of creativity.  Sometimes its pears, apples, blackberries… sometimes its strawberries and watermelon… sometimes its something crazy like a slice of lemon, cherries, and raspberries. …  but my rule is if they make it, they have to drink it whether they like it or not. .. And if they don’t like it, they’ll know what NOT to mix together next time.  So, for them it’s a really cool thing because they get to put in the fruit and watch as the juice and pulp get separated into their respective containers.. and help the pulp out if its thick.

Another great thing about having a really good quality juicer?  You can use the leftover pulp for making jams/jellies, muffins, pancakes, waffles, and ice cream sauce.  So depending upon the fruit you use, there will be little to no leftovers.  How great is that in a world where we are becoming so aware of the damage we’ve done as a race?

So, there you have it!   My total THUMBS UP recommendation for a high-quality juicer is the HUROM. … How did I get hooked on Hurom?  …  I researched on … I asked my tenant about the juicer she uses–which is, and I’m probably getting this wrong, the Green Star…something like that.  You can actually find a YouTube video by the RawFood World founders that compares these two high-end models.  The quality of juice is the same, but the Hurom is so much more user-friendly, and counter-top friendly.